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BC: I like his stuff quite a bit. Well, depending on who you ask: some say Barthelme, McCarthy, if you consider him now Texan… but McMurtry is in the conversation.

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TO: What was your reaction to winning the contest? When I got the news I geeked out. BC: My wife. I called my wife, then I called Eric Miles Williamson, and then I called my mom and my little sister. Then other folks here and there.

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TO: What has the contest done for your career? BC: More than anything else, it gave me a ton of confidence. The coolest thing was that all my non-writer friends knew what it was; they knew who Larry McMurtry was, they knew Lonesome Dove , they knew Brokeback Mountain , which he had just done the screenplay for. So that made me feel good. TO: So you had to do it without her knowing.

BC: Yeah, I had to keep it on the down low. TO: Would you call yourself a lifelong Texan? TO: Once a Texas boy always a Texas boy.

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  8. I get bored or nervous. BC: Not even remotely close, for a couple of reasons. To me, what TIL does is they give away a prize each year to the book that did best in terms of recognition around the nation. BC: Exactly. She was just passing through.

    TO: Tell me about Vampire Conditions. You can read it in an afternoon.

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    How Vampires Work

    This type has a wide variety in powers and abilities, ranging from the classical necromancer in a tower to the dust-stirring ghoul living in catacombs. In most cases, the subject retains his or her normal mode of thought and is faced with the prospect of dealing with a new set of conditions for living.

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    This type of vampire may have a poor reaction to the effects of faith, possibly due to a heightened sensitivity to such energies rather than any actual animosity on the part of a deity. But see Spirit-based vampires, below.

    The variety of ways vampirism can be inflicted magically make it difficult to easily pigeonhole this particular type. The key characteristic, however, is the subject is a human being altered by some force, rather than by a virus or deity or other influence. Eric would be classified as a Magical vampire; his vampirism is the result of an infection of chaos forces in some long-distant Patient Zero and spread from person to person.


    Vampires with their origins based on some sort of spiritual effects are individuals cursed with vampirism by some entity. They are similar in many respects to Magical vampires, but the motivating force behind the transformation is a supernatural entity, usually malevolent. Count Dracula, arguably, is a spiritual-origin vampire, cursed by God for his repudiation of all things holy.