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Skidding across the weakened ice of the frozen lake upon which Jon and his men have made their stand, Viserion comes to a stop, closes his eyes for the last time as a living thing, and sinks beneath the water. When he opens them again, they are the ice-blue eyes of the living dead.

The second death is that of Rhaegal. This is the dragon after Rhaegar, the brother Daenerys never knew — and secretly the father of Jon Snow, the man she loves, whose claim to the Iron Throne she spent her young life unwittingly usurping. The creature dies near the seat of power of his namesake, whose titles included prince of Dragonstone. As rousing, hopeful music plays, Dany and her dragons soar above their fleet. Nineteen seconds and three scorpion bolts later — one lodged in the breast, one shot through the wing, one jutting through the neck — Rhaegal is already sinking into a watery grave.

The culprit this time is no supernatural force millennia in the making, but an asshole pirate named Euron Greyjoy, king of the Iron Islands and would-be king of Westeros. Euron is a chuckling, swaggering void in the shape of a man. He lacks the grandiose ambition of his fuck buddy Cersei and his embittered brother Balon, or the extravagant cruelty of past heavies like Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton. That leaves one last dragon — the one who lives. Jon Snow betrays his queen, aunt, and lover, whose visions of scouring away the sins of the world with fire and blood have consumed her, by stabbing her during a post-victory embrace.

At first distant and muted, they rise to a crescendo. Then the colossal black monster arrives in the flesh. He enters the ruined throne room to demand answers and, perhaps, justice from a killer, just like Ned Stark did with Cersei Lannister so long ago. But if Jon expected an execution, he is instead granted a reprieve. Drogon nuzzles his mother in the simple, tender way of so many animals when they have yet to accept that another creature they care for has died.

When he finally accepts the truth and vents his rage, he aims it not at Jon, who can only cower from the furious inferno, but at the Iron Throne itself, the thing Dany brought him all this way for only to die before claiming it as her own. Now, no one will be able to do so ever again. His work done, Drogon picks up the corpse of the woman who brought him into the world, then used him to set much of it alight, and flies off.

Only Bran Stark — Bran the Broken, king in the South, the Three-Eyed Raven, heir to the collective memory of humankind — is depicted as having a chance to find where the grieving fugitive has gone. Author George R. Adjusting for the facts on the ground, or in the skies as it were, it is seen as a reference to the three dragons Daenerys has inherited and awoken.

Rumors and theories, within both the books and their fandom, speculate that three people, not one, are heirs of the Dragon and fated to drive back the Long Night. Viserion is slain by the Night King, the personification of death. Supernatural in origin, he is the enemy that faces all people, a collective and existential threat.

Such is his power that Viserion is reborn as his own ultimate weapon, an undead dragon breathing blue fire. This is a threat we all should see coming — indeed, we in the audience are given a painfully long look at its approach — but do not move past our own immediate concerns to stop until it is almost too late.


In a surprisingly optimistic development, humankind successfully bands together from across Westeros and the world at large to put an end to the catastrophe that is their common enemy. What now? With the question of humanity against literal inhumanity settled, the series shifts its focus back to its longtime wheelhouse: humanity against its own inhumanity.

That this proves to be the final struggle feels, in some ineffable way, insulting to the nature and scope of the threat defeated at Winterfell. Indeed, his dying act is to get in on the action by forcing a pointless duel with Jaime Lannister, just to meaninglessly add one more body to the heap. Faced with the choice of killing someone close to him to avenge the death of another — a killing that would have eliminated the human bargaining chip that forced the conflicting sides of the war to the negotiating table in the end — Drogon says, or rather roars, Fuck it. Here, once again, we see the larger project of the show at work.

Instead, half-measures are the order of the day. The Iron Throne is gone and hereditary monarchy is gone with it, but the inheritance of power is preserved everywhere else. That means big boy Drogon will take down Viserion. Speed sometimes outmatched sheer size in previous dragon vs.

What Did 'Game of Thrones'' Daenerys Name Her Dragons? Get To Know The Beasts Before Season 4

Age also played a role, with smaller, swifter, younger dragons besting bigger, slower, and much older dragons. But age doesn't matter for our three dragon siblings, who hatched at the same time. The more time they have to form a strong bond, the more they move as one. So that presents an interesting problem for our three presumed dragonriders in Season 8.

Daenerys has spent the most time with her mount, and is the only one who's waged battle with him. If — as we all suspect — Jon rides Rhaegal the dragon named after his father , he'll have some serious catching up to do to keep up with the other two. Because the Night King arguably has the strongest psychic relationship to the creatures he raises from the dead.

Season 6 showed that Dany shared a telepathic connection with her three babies. But a White Walker's control over its resurrected wights is beyond telepathic — it's a puppet master controlling a puppet. Also that likely means any connection Dany had with Viserion was completely severed when the Night King touched him.

There was some debate among fans whether Viserion was a wight dragon a zombie-like mindless dead creature completely controlled by its master , or a White Walker dragon a living, autonomous being transformed into a White Walker — like Craster's baby in Season 4. We're betting on the former. Which is worse, since he won't remember mommy Dany.

Still, Viserion is in completely unknown territory. There are northern legends about ice dragons, but they are a totally different species than Daenerys' Valyrian dragons.

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They are literally made of ice the opposite of Valyrian dragons, which are "fire made flesh" , breathing ice instead of fire. Viserion's biology and species didn't change after he was resurrected, but there are no records of what happens when a fire dragon's magic is mixed with a White Walker's ice magic. But according to io9, the Season 7 finale's leaked script clarifies that Viserion is breathing blue flames at the Wall, not ice making him not a real ice dragon as defined by George R.

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That brings up another fun fact we should remember about the dragons in the Game of Thrones universe: Valyrian dragons were far from the first or only types of dragons. Actually, some maesters believe that the "bloodmages of Valyria used wyvern stock to create dragons" wyvern are a type of non-fire breathing lizard. So they're not technically even real dragons, but hybrids.

The Valyrians might've tried to create a tamable version of true dragons from the wild. There's rumor of a different, more ancient species of dragon still living in Asshai by the Shadow, too which is where Melisandre is from. In the World of Ice and Fire companion book, it's explained that:. There were dragons in Westeros, once, long before the Targaryens came, as our own legends and histories tell us.

If dragons did first spring from the Fourteen Flames, they must have been spread across much of the known world before they were tamed. And, in fact, there is evidence for this, as dragon bones have been found as far north as Ib, and even in the jungles of Sothoryos. But the Valyrians harnessed and subjugated them as no one else could.

So it's highly possible there were dragons in Westeros during the Long Night, when the White Walkers first invaded thousands of years ago which happened before the Valyrian empire. We don't know what happened to all those dragons — maybe they were eliminated by the White Walkers, who would not take kindly to fire-breathing weapons of mass destruction. There's even evidence that the dragons from Asshai were used to build the Five Forts , a very similar structure to Westeros' Wall made out of dragonglass and built after the Long Night.

So it sounds like dragons played some sort of role last time the White Walkers came.

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We've already mentioned in passing a few ways that unknown dragons could emerge in Season 8. Maybe one's been hiding out in the crypts of Winterfell. Maybe another native Westerosi dragon has been holed up elsewhere for all this time, since dragons live very, very long.


Maybe Melisandre will come back from her trip in Season 7 with a dragon from Asshai. In a interview , George R. Martin not only stated that there were once dragons everywhere, but also that:. The maesters tend to discount those. There's a lot of speculation about what that actually means.

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She thinks it's waking the dragon statues on Dragonstone. But fans speculate it could be an ice dragon from the Wall. Regardless, Dany and Jon's conversation in the Season 7 finale about her being barren is a huge indication that they'll have a baby , whether human or reptilian. But here comes the sad part. Because if we look at the history and the themes of Game of Thrones , it becomes clear that all dragons must die. George R. Martin is all about showing how history repeats itself, even when actually especially when people have forgotten that history.

This is the second time the White Walkers have risen. Daenerys is the second Targaryen with three dragons who vowed to conquer Westeros. Remember that, at the beginning of this whole story, people kept saying that magic died a long time ago. They mention the lack of White Walkers and dragons as evidence that magic is gone forever and, according to most maesters, that's a good thing.