The Way of Cain

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What this means, however, is that the church must be always reforming, and reforming as our culture is developing.

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These may be catchy phrases, but they do not at all delineate the gospel in a biblical and Reformed manner. It is telling that total depravity is absent. When sin is not sin, grace can never he grace either; this is no Reformation, but mere Reformulation.

THE WAY OF CAIN - Commentary on Genesis 4

Thus, there is a return to liturgical traditions, especially the performative, dramatic, and ritualistic. But we believe that God is actively redeeming and healing this planet, and he has invited every one of us to join him in this revolution. Despite what its representatives claim, the Emerging Church has not left the Enlightenment behind. David Wells notes that this spiritual revolution is in fundamental harmony and continuity with the Enlightenment, not in conflict with it.

It is the autonomous self-determining how a person ought to feel, think, and live. Sin is not understood vertically but horizontally.

Beware of the Way of Cain

We do not conceive of sin as guilt, but rather as shame. We understand it in relational terms, and thus our view of salvation is also correspondingly relational. Because man was created in the image of God, it is not strange that people would crave spirituality.

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This is true especially in our society where we have everything to live with, but nothing to live for. Throughout Scripture, we see two kinds of spiritualities — the true and the false. What was Elijah doing on Mount Carmel? He unmasked the vanity and wickedness of a self-made spirituality. What were the prophets doing when they called the people away from their vain oblations? What did Christ do when he railed on the Pharisees praying on the street-corners? What did Paul do when he unmasked the Galatian heresy? May God save us and our children from going down the path made by the Emerging Church — to any degree. We should not be ignorant of this 2 Peter 2 , but contend earnestly for the true faith Jude 3.

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The only real protection against false spirituality and religion is the true. Prayer should be definite. What a lot of praying there is that prays for everything in general and nothing in particular! I was reading a very good illustration, given by an eminent minister, upon this point. Author Bilkes, Gerald M.

John Piper - The Sin of Cain

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Tozer D. Vance Dr. The Way of Cain.

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