The Story of Sex in Scripture

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Lot welcomed the angels into his house. They had been sent to warn him that God was displeased with the wickedness of the city's residents and might exterminate all human life over a large geographical area, including the city of Sodom. All of the people from the city gathered around the house and demanded that Lot send the strangers out to the mob so that they might "know" the angels.

Sensing evil intent by the citizens of Sodom, Lot refused. He implied that what the mob intended to do was "wicked.

Since young women were generally married by the age of 15 in that culture, his daughters would probably have been 14 years old or younger! The offer was declined. The angels blinded some of the mob so that they could not force their way into Lot's house. Later, the angels urged Lot and his family to flee the city and to not look back.

Unfortunately, the angels' instruction to not look back was apparently to be interpreted literally. Lot's wife seems to have had an inquisitive mind. She looked the wrong way, so God killed her on the spot and turned her into a pillar of salt. Many feel that the meaning of this chapter in Genesis is obvious, and does not require any detailed analysis.

Homosexual activity by the people of Sodom was the reason why God was displeased with the inhabitants of the city and decided to destroy both the city and its people. God hates homosexual behavior then and now. Jack T. Chick , who publishes massive numbers of fundamentalist Christian religious tracts, created a small comic-book style tract for children called " Birds and the Bees. Centuries ago, there were four cities under the control of Satan and his devils. The worst city was Sodom.

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These Sodomites worshipped Satan, were possessed with devils and they hated God. Their stink reached heaven and God was fed up with them. He planned to destroy them to keep their filthy lifestyle from spreading As soon as they got Lot and his family out of Sodom, God fire-bombed the cities and turned them into ashes. Today, those same kind of people are back, but now they're called Gays!

It is obvious that Lot wanted to protect the angels from the city mob. The people of Sodom, having recently been under attack by foreigners, might have been worried that the angels were really military spies. The mob might have wanted to humiliate the strangers with homosexual rape which is the authors of the Bible considered as abhorrent as heterosexual rape. The male-on-male rape that the angels were threatened was not a act of romatic attachment or lust; it was a common method of humiliating men in that era and culture. Lot indicated in Genesis that whatever the mob intended to do to the angels, it was "wicked.

What Does the Bible Have to Say about Sex Before Marriage? - Asking For A Friend #3

Lot had lived in Sodom for some time, so he would have known whether the men of the city were mainly or all gay. It is unlikely that Lot would have offered his virgin daughters for the mob to molest or rape if the men of Sodom had been homosexuals.

What Is Sexual Immorality? Discover Its Meaning and Consequences

They would then have had no interest in women. It would have made much more sense for him to offer his future sons-in-law instead. Since he was the patriarch of the family, and since his daughters were engaged, Lot would be in a position of authority over both his daughters and their future husbands. But he offered his daughters instead.

So he must have known that the men of Sodom were mainly heterosexual. An alternate explanation might be that the mob wanted to "know" the angels in a non-sexual way. They wanted to find out why the angels had come to their city. Were they just travelling through, or were they enemy spies who wanted to study the city's defenses? Some comments on this passage by liberal Christian pastors and academics: 2.

They discovered that the region called "Middle Ghor," where the two cities were located, were destroyed by a meteor that exploded with the energy of a ten megaton nuclear bomb at an altitude about one kilometer 0. It rained down:. Using radiocarbon dating, they found that cities had existed in the area for over two millennia until about BCE , which is the approximate data of the biblical account.

At that time, the meteor exploded and:. In the past, religious conservatives have believed that God sent fire and brimstone to exterminate the women, men and children in the area. Religious liberals have assumed that no such destruction happened. Now, the debate will probably evolve to disagreement over whether the destruction was sent directly by God or was a naturally occurring event caused by a meteor.

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay.

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    External links. Visitors' essays. Our forum. New essays. Other features. Buy a CD of this site. Vital notes. Christian def'n. Shared beliefs. Handling change. Bible topics. Bible inerrancy. It looks like a bed that a husband and a wife share exclusively together. Any kind of sex that is before or outside or in addition to a married relationship of husband and wife is sinful according to the Bible. After the Jerusalem council met, the earliest group of Christians decided that Gentiles meaning anyone who was not a Jew could be Christians, but that they should refrain from sexual immorality, among other sins.

    In the wider biblical context, as we noted earlier, sexual immorality includes sex before marriage. This one is interesting. A man was sleeping with his stepmom or mother-in-law outside of marriage. Paul is very clear that this is a grievous sin, one that not even non-Christians in the city of Corinth were guilty of doing! If elsewhere, Paul gives permission of sex between a married man and woman, then all other forms of sex are sinful.

    The former is living a life that is pleasing to God and is holy, while the other is living a life that clearly does not know God. In which group do you think a hook-up culture that uses apps like Tinder is? Paul clearly spells out that for unmarried, single people, God desires abstinence from sex for them.

    If abstinence is not something they can live with, then they should seek to get married. This is not held out as the ideal, but this is supposed to be the norm for all sexual intercourse according to the Bible.

    To Christians arguing 'no' on marriage equality: the Bible is not decisive

    Finally, the last few verses that speak to the question of sex before marriage mention the basis of this difficult claim on our lives. A Christian is to refrain from sexual intercourse with other people because Christians belong not to themselves, but to God. We have been given the great gift of God indwelling us—the Holy Spirit lives within us—so when we join ourselves to others through one-night stands we are violating both our own body and the Lord who has purchased us by pouring out his own body and blood for us.

    Jesus, the Groom, sacrificially gives himself for his beloved bride, the church. Sex is ultimately a picture of this redeeming love that God has demonstrated by giving up his Son to save us.

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    If you've had sex before marriage, all hope is not lost. God is more than able to forgive you of all of your sins—even the sin of having sex before or outside of marriage. God is more than willing to forgive you of all lust and free you from all impurity through the cleansing blood of his Son, Jesus. For those of you who do struggle with burning passion, continue to wait patiently for the right time for you to enjoy the gift of sex.

    Pray for the Lord to bring you a faithful and God-fearing spouse.