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Lalo decides to return and save them.

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Centauro moves to a new location, concerned that Lalo may have revealed his whereabouts. Thursday 8 November Centauro and Emilio talk about their concerns over Ana. Lalo and Elvira are out shopping when someone spots them and calls the police. Gerardo tries to convince Professor Martinez to help Yolanda.

Monday 12 November Yolanda wakes up after her electric shock therapy, feeling calmer. Tuesday 13 November Gerardo tells Ana that Yolanda is gravely ill, unaware that she already knows. Meanwhile, Lucho asks Cristina to marry him. Thursday 15 November Ana prepares the heroin solution with which she intends to kill Yolanda. The commissioner notices a card missing from his wallet.

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Friday 16 November Yolanda becomes increasingly violent. Tuesday 20 November The police begin their search of the neighbourhood.

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Gerardo and Ana are forced to spend the night in the cellar, and they get drunk. She and Gerardo manage to escape the cellar before Centauro arrives. Thursday 22 November Centauro tortures the gun supplier into telling him about the trackers he sold to Ana and Gerardo.

Paula wakes up and finds herself locked in the study. Over time, the relationship between Yolanda and El Centauro gets very strong. When they cannot be together, he sends letters where he tells her how much he misses her.

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Yolanda, who is quite sceptical of men, begins to believe in him and, without knowing how or when, ends up in love with the capo. But one day, the jail alarms awaken the inmates. El Centauro has escaped and his escape leaves Yolanda in a very bad position, as authorities believe she knows the whereabouts of her lover. Gerardo reappears. Then after I finished reading this I said to myself, "I won't read the 2nd season because it's too heartbreaking". U know why I said that? And just because I misread ur comment, it made me cry. I'm glad I read it again and the comments here. Now, I'm waiting for season 2.

Norjanah Abantas: May I know if there's already a season 2? Everything is carefully arranged, what does he means by that.

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Well everything is his fault, John never treated her nicely, he even said she was a vase of beauty for decoration, or some cramp like that. It may seems that he loves her, but I doubt it. Maybe the woman in the picture that looks like her also left, maybe due to his behavior. Who knows.

Now that he found Angela that resemble her, something might had snap, to make her his, but he was really not kind to her. I don't know why Vinni is helping her, and took her family alway.

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He said that she saved him, about 10yrs ago. I know Vinni like her, and wants to be with her, but why help her so much to escape from John?