Onboard the Marauder (Book Two of the James Sutherland Chronicles)

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Humans investigate an apparently primitive planet which somehow manages to neutralize most of the high technology devices brought there. The protagonist ultimately learns that the local inhabitants are not as undeveloped as he had previously supposed. Baen, , revised. In a future where sexual promiscuity is the norm, the only sin is to bear unapproved children. When one woman decides to do so despite the law, she finds herself branded as an arch enemy of society.

The protagonist is investigating the disappearance of his brother when he discovers a gateway to an alternate world where the Aztecs are using time travel in an effort to prevent the Spanish from conquering their empire in the new world. Participants in an elaborate virtual reality game begin dying for real. The nephew of the brains behind the game is recruited into the effort to investigate, but his initial discoveries point directly at his own uncle.

Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are SF. Omnibus of Pyramids and After the Fact. Pilgrim is a time traveler who in this case is involved in bringing ancient Egyptian artifacts to the present for sale to museums.

Unfortunately, there was a rational basis to legends of Egyptian deities, and some of those creatures resent the thefts. A berserker machines experiments with human beings. One of the berserker ships begins to exhibits entirely new tactics, and one colony after another is destroyed. Finally humankind decides to wipe it out at all costs, but can they discover what caused the change in behavior before it is passed on to other berserkers? A family moves into a new home that is situated next to a hidden galactic probe which was sent to collect human specimens for study by a distant alien race.

Baen, , as Berserkers: The Ultimate Enemy. Collection of related stories about robot warships prowling the galaxy. Humans colonize a world where pockets of energy freeze separate communities into individual pocket universes, where no one ages but where it is virtually impossible to communicate with anyone from the outside. Expanded version, Tor, The sacred water of a remote world brings visions to those who drink it, even those not native to that world.

When it begins to spread to other star systems, the authorities react in alarm, threatening to destroy the source even though it is central to the civilization of the planet where it originates. A novel of the ancient Mediterranean featuring a rationalized Icarus and the Minotaur, the latter of whom is actually an alien stranded on Earth. A scientist raises a clone of himself as a sort of immortality, but there is an inherent flaw in his plan which will ultimately turn his clone against him.

A journey to a lost Aztec civilization concealed in the American Southwest. An alien visitor shakes things up when he comes to Earth but refuses to conform to human mores about clothing, sex, and other moral issues. Grand Canyon? Speculation about the Germans winning world war two. Russian communists invade India. Full Disclosure Doubleday, , Ballantine, Near future political speculation in which the Russian premier is assassinated and the President of the US blinded. An international team is recruited to serve as first contact team when a message is received from an alien civilization.

Virtual Reality 2. After a plague wipes out most of humanity, the genetically engineered survivors attempt to build a new society. Virtual Reality 3. A plague wipes out most of the population of Earth. Virtual Reality 1. An amnesiac trapped in a virtual reality world struggles to remember his past. Formula, The?

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Marginal thriller about efforts to secure a new formula which could give its owner the power to rule the world. Reporters investigate a government coverup and discover that aliens have landed on Earth, but that their presence is being concealed from the public. A Doctor Who novel. A time anomaly on Earth may be linked to the imminent destruction of another planet. Afterwar Orbit, While visiting a pleasure planet, a man becomes infatuated with a beautiful, animate doll, unaware that he is the focus of alien forces. Best of Margaret St.

A man is given a mission by the rulers of a post collapse government in California. The parties in power are a blend of clone and android and have extraordinary powers. A planet where science has replaced religion faces a terrible crisis, and in the midst of it there is an appearance of what appears to be their ancient goddess embodied. A scientist gives the girl he loves some extraordinary powers, but discovers too late that he has changed her personality.

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Now he must reverse the process of destroy her before she destroys the entire world. A disembodied alien intelligence wakens from a sleep that stretched throughout the millennia and discovers that Earth is now home to the human race. A race of beastly flesh eaters has lived beneath the Earth for thousands of years, trapped in a space warp until it is finally opened and they are set free to attack the surface world. Following a series of plagues, the human race has descended into barbarism, much of it living in enormous caverns in anticipation of a nuclear war that never happened.

Right Honorable Chimpanzee, The? An ape is chosen as the next prime minister of England. Not seen. Solar System Swingers? Pornography in space. JOHN, D. A mind reading policeman rescues a genetically tailored woman from a murderous corporation. The two are then forced to flee across a future America, pursued by an organization that wants to use mind control to influence the population. A secret colony is built on the moon. See also collaboration with H.

Magazine appearance Aliens attack the Earth. Beware, the Usurpers! Aliens are possessing human bodies. Mysterious globes rules the world of the future. An alien race attempts to invade Earth by blending in, but misjudged human progress. Space explorers encounter shapechanging aliens. In a future where the US has fragmented and Africa has united, a man joins an international spy organization and returns to Africa to avenge the murder of his father. Humans achieve interstellar travel and encounter a much older race that dominates the galaxy, and which judges whether or not newcomers are sufficiently civilized to be allowed to exist.

Collection of loosely related stories. Jurassic Dead Severed, Dinosaurs in the Antarctic. Alternate history. A man who might be a mutant goes on a cross country quest accompanied by two holograms that come to life. Independent, , as The Birth of Freedom. A socialist Utopia. Adventure and intrigue as a secret cabal seeks to turn America into a dictatorship. A novel of the near future.

Marginal thriller about an imminent nuclear war in the Mideast. Chapbook story about a new plague. See Anne Knight. A misogynistic man finds himself in a world where women are dominant. A Star Wars novel. Minions of Palpatine manipulate events so that an army of clones is created and sent into battle, endangering the future of the Republic. Tarzan sets off to stop an adventurer who has gained possession of a device that will open a doorway to the hidden land at the center of the Earth and allow the telepathic Mahars to attack the surface.

First in a new subseries set about twenty years after the collapse of the Empire. A charismatic leader is threatening to split the Republic just as it is about to be menaced by an alien race from outside known space. Future war novel fought in Korea, complicated by a meteor strike that releases a new plague. The latest rock craze is masterminded by a man who is apparently superhuman. The US government collapses and is absorbed by Canada.

A feminist future. The forces of oppression and freedom battle for control of America in the closing years of the 20 th Century. Marginal thriller about attempts to use a nuclear weapon in the Dominican Republic as part of an effort to blackmail the USA. A Warhammer novel. A highly placed official steals a valuable artifact and flees to another world. Honoured, The Black Library, Military SF.

A planet is besieged by cultists. Predator, Prey Black Library, Interstellar mercenaries are caught between two hostile forces. In , a handful of people go in search of a giant who is believed to have murdered a dwarf. There's no magic involved, but rather a genuine giant. A young orphan with extraordinary mechanical ability goes on a quest and meets a man who keeps a menagerie of robot animals. A scientist accepts the gift of immortality from a shadowy group that wants certain services in return.

He will eventually discover that they compose a secret cabal to rule the world. The human race has retreated from the natural world into a series of closed cities, but some of those resident wish to escape to the dangerous but free world beyond. Are We Having Fun Yet? Wildside, The protagonist lives in three different versions of our world, but her various manifestations start drifting back and forth between realities. Adventure in an alternate North America that was colonized primarily by Asians.

As Indians and interlopers jockey for power, the protagonist discovers that an ambitious man is putting together a coalition that will dominate the old world as well as the new. A professional assassin for a repressive future American government is declared an outlaw. He escapes, joins the underground, and leads a mission to destroy one of the main supports of the dictatorship. The Confederacy won its independence and became the dominant power in North America after allying itself with the Cherokees. Now a Cherokee pilot has gone to Europe to fight on the side of England against the Germans.

Scientifically illiterate story for younger readers about the colonization of another world. Saturn Run Putnam, Two expeditions head to Saturn when an alien spaceship is detected. An underground cavern filled with vicious beasts are let loose on the when hikers inadvertently open their prison. A group of elderly people are caught up in events when an alien starship returns to Earth after five thousand years.

Its purpose it to retrieve some individual left in suspension all that time, but their advent will change the lives of the humans as well. The elderly people who left with the aliens in the first volume return with their youth restored. Their mission is to help more of the comatose aliens stranded on Earth to return to their own worlds.

A Roman gladiator is found frozen into suspended animation. He is revived in the modern world, and has great difficulties adjusting to what he finds. Beyond the Sea of Ice Bantam, First Americans 1. First Americans 2. The survivors of a series of prehistoric natural disasters try to find a new homeland in North America. First Americans 7. First Americans 9. First Americans 3. The leader of a primitive band loses the confidence of his people and must flee with his family before they are the targets of deadly retribution.

First Americans 5. First Americans 8. As the Ice Age ends, a shaman decides that a human sacrifice is necessary. First Americans 6. First Americans A young man abandoned by his prehistoric tribe finds refuge with another, grows to maturity, and returns for a confrontation with his own people. First Americans 4. A risky scientific experiment results in living Neanderthals.

Dystopian novel in which the western world becomes one gigantic commercial entity. In post apocalyptic American, a wandering hero escapes death at the hands of a tribe of survivors who have turned cannibal. The protagonist must rescue his daughter from the fortress of evil cultists in post nuclear war America. Is This the End? Popular Library, Last Ranger Madmen, mutants, and military types vie for power in post nuclear war America.

A nuclear war leaves the US largely destroyed, plagued by anarchy, violence, and petty tyrants.


Novels of the Napoleonic Era

A wandering hero battles a post nuclear war dictator who is protected by an army of criminals and the insane. A military genius has organized an army with which to restore order in post war America. Unfortunately, his program calls for the elimination of large classes of people judged unworthy of existing in the new order. A religious fanatic allies himself with a motorcycle gang in an effort to become the dominant force in post apocalyptic America. The hero finds himself in a remote community where two gangs of thugs are attempting to wipe each other out and become the rulers of part of post nuclear war America.

He joins one of the gangs in order to manipulate them into wiping each other out. The protagonist's efforts to survive in post nuclear America grow more labored when he becomes the target of what remains of organized crime. Simultaneously, a renewed nuclear strike results in mutated lifeforms with unexpected means of killing their prey. One extraordinary man proves too much to handle for a would be dictator who has raised an army with which to conquer post war America and enslave the surviving citizens. A visiting alien wakes up a human child from suspended animation in a totally deserted Earth and feels obligated to watch over her and find out what happened to her kind.

Two people struggle to find a purpose in their lives in an America that seems to have lost its direction. Then a new tenant moves in, who proves to be an alien from another world, and whose advent will change them forever. The alliance between Earth and colonized Venus is beginning to fall apart, and unrest spreads through the population of the smaller world in anticipation of the struggle to come.

An alternate history in which the American Indians successfully resisted the complete conquest of North America. A new war is underway, and this time they're not content to simply avoid losing it. They want to win. Episodic novel, originally published in separate sections, about a group of cloned children and the problem and triumphs they encounter as they grow to maturity.

A sentient starship oversees a crop of children who are created through artificial birthing. Eventually it finds a colony planet to replace the dying Earth and tries to establish a new civilization, but can the ship guide them to the creation of a society less suicidal than that of their parents? A teenager is notified by an artificial intelligence that she is to be the contact between an isolationist Earth and her own people, who live inside a comet.

A new colony world is torn when the community splits in two. A scientist convinces a woman to be inseminated with genetically altered sperm in order to mother a superior form of human being. Their children, however, must make a new destiny for themselves in a world in which they do not fit. Feuding factions must unite to meet the menace of a rogue comet. A colony hopes to re-establish communications with its homeworld.

Women seize control of all of the remaining centers of civilization following a nuclear war, outlawing technology and keeping men in subservience. One young woman questions the rules of her people and becomes an outcast. Fontana, , as The White Death. Following the appearance of a white hole in the solar system, society has become more repressive and America is a dictatorship where many forms of medical practice are now illegal. The protagonist is a doctor who disobeys the laws and becomes a fugitive.

A family saga about some of the handful of humans who travel to the planet Venus as part of an effort to terraform that world and create a new home for humankind. Venus of Shadows Doubleday, , Bantam, Further adventures of a large cast of characters who are among the complement of the first concerted effort to colonize the planet Venus.

On a lost colony world, a young woman's life is transformed by the discovery of a damaged starship stranded on that world. Omnibus of the trilogy. A Star Trek novel. Kirk discovers an early starship whose crew have barely aged since they left Earth. Not only are they having difficulty adjusting to the change in human affairs, but they are paranoid as a group and possess a powerful weapon.

A Star Trek: Next Generation novel. Picard must wrestle with the agonizing problem of whom to evacuate from a planet that is about to go nova. At the last minute, Data develops a plan that might avoid the tragedy, or destroy the Enterprise along with an entire world. A Starfleet officer whose insanity caused a disaster returns after his cure in an attempt to make amends. The Enterprise is investigating an artificial world found within an asteroid belt when they discover that it is on a collision course with an inhabited planet. Jonas McFee, A. MacMillan, , Aladdin, A youngster finds an alien artifact that gives him psi powers.

The four inhabited worlds of the solar system have become primitive monarchies all of which are battling for political supremacy and control of the terraforming and colonization of the planet Venus. Intrigue and treachery in a Martian civilization. Interplanetary war ravages much of the solar system as the ruler of Mars decides that he wants to dominate all of humankind. A group of Narns hatch a plot to rescue their leader G'Kar from captivity by the emperor of Centauri, unaware of the fact that he has made a deal with a rebel faction to facilitate the ruler's assassination.

A battle among the Martians for control of their world. The King of Earth is living on Venus while the planet is restored, but an ambitious ruler from the outer worlds wants to dominate the entire solar system. The young ruler of Mars is overthrown and driven into exile. In a post apocalypse America, a young man's accession to the throne of a small kingdom is in jeopardy until his cause is given a surprising boost by the discovery of another youngster from the lowest levels of society. The succession has been settled, and now Arn is sent on a mission to neutralize the ruler of a brutal enemy state who has found a powerful weapon left over from before the apocalyptic war that destroyed civilization.

A telepathic spy visits a neutral planet during an interstellar war. Binary Jo Fletcher, Genetic engineering. Gemsigns Jo Fletcher, Genetic engineering results in a new kind of laborer. Regeneration Jo Fletcher, Satire about a country so small only one citizen can fit at a time. Following a nuclear war, Texas secedes from the devastated US and warfare springs up along the border. Israel was spared the worst of the war, and now mercenaries from that country have come to the US to join the fight against the secessionists.

A young cadet is sent on a mission to a mineral rich asteroid to claim it before enemy forces can seize control. American and Soviet astronauts fly on a secret mission to disable an orbiting weapon system that has malfunctioned with unpredictable consequences before it triggers a nuclear war. Court Martial of Robert E. Marginal secret history novel in which Lee was court martialed.

Pornography involving a superhero. A worldwide revolt against a despotic government results in the collapse of civilization and the destruction of the moon. The failed experiment to create a new civilization on Earth has consequences throughout the civilized worlds of the galaxy. People from various times are gathered together for a single mission. The collapse of Atlantis has caused a crisis within the galactic government. When a disruptive force begins to grow stronger in one star system, a dramatic decision is made.

Marginal thriller about an increase in Cold War tensions and the development of a high technology helicopter so effective on the battlefield that Communist agents will stop at nothing to steal a prototype. Marginal thriller about black market nuclear arms just as a cabal of ex-military and intelligence officers plot to seize control of the Russian government. Representatives of a galactic civilization decide to colonize the planet Earth and thereby change the future of the galaxy by founding Atlantis.

A dead body is mysteriously transformed in a laboratory, hinting at an entirely new field of science. Lost world novel involving a dinosaur. See collaboration with Kevin J. A Primeval novel. Flying saucers are sighted, but they turn out to be a new weapon system. The inhabitant of a distant planet is discontented with his society. A Doctor Who book.

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The Cybermen are back, this time with a time machine that will allow them to prevent the destruction of their own home world, and eliminate the Earth instead. The Tardis arrives aboard an unhappy spaceship commanded by a man of uneven temperament and menaced by a computer that is increasingly prone to making its own decisions. The Doctor's regeneration has not gone smoothly and he is subject to fits of temper which nearly have tragic results. He decides to become a hermit, but that resolve doesn't last long when a new alien menace rears its twin heads.

In 17th Century England, the Doctor is suspected of being a witch, a prejudice acquired by villagers who have been plagued by alien androids with strange powers. A giant computer is the center of a sinister plot against humanity. Artefact Orbit, Pariah Orbit, Eternity War 1. An alien arrives on Earth and announces that some supernatural force has been manipulating his own as well as human and other alien cultures. A scientist uses a time machine to investigate the disappearance of the dinosaurs. He discovers that the Earth was altered at the critical moment by the intervention of visitors from Mars.

A signal is received from an alien civilization, containing the keys to a new technology. One scientist discovers that it is also a key that will stimulate human evolution, either into a new stage or extinction. On a world inhabited by intelligent dinosaurs, a young apprentice is about to make his mandatory pilgrimage to look upon the face of god. Instead, he begins to have doubts about the religious beliefs of his people when compared to the discoveries of modern science.

A scientific experiment causes everyone on Earth to have a brief glimpse of their own personal future and sets off a wave of hysteria and social unrest. The dinosaur inhabitants of a doomed world find an ancient starship. From its wreckage they recover the technology that might enable them to flee to another planet. A scientifically inclined dinosaur is searching for metal which will stand up to the pressure of interplanetary flight because the world his race inhabits is doomed. To do so, he must resist the pressure of his society to conform to their standards of behavior.

A terminally ill man discovers that an associate's company has been using a revolutionary new device to check the physical condition of its employees. On a starship run by a supercomputer, a woman is found mysteriously dead by radiation. Although the official position is that she committed suicide, but her ex-husband believes that she was murdered, and possibly by the intelligence operating the ship.

Onboard the Marauder (Book Two of the James Sutherland Chronicles)

A quantum experiment links our world to one in which Cro-Magnons survived and our form of humanity did not, and an involuntary visitor comments at length on the foibles of our world. Further contact between our world and an alternate one where Neanderthals became dominant.

A Neanderthal scientist and his human lover try to work out their cultural differences while a disaster in our reality has humans contemplating an invasion of the alternate world. A handful of aliens enter the solar system and are welcomed to Earth. Everything seems to be going well until a human is murdered, and one of the aliens appears to be responsible. A terminally ill man has his personality copied into an artificial body, but discovers that this increases rather than solves his problems.

Quantum Night Ace, Murder mystery in a Martian colony. First contact with aliens is a mixed blessing. Humans have been exploring space for years via a series of wormholes created by another race. Now a vessel from some alien civilization has appeared, and with it comes the threat of an interstellar war.

A scientist creates three modified versions of his own personality as an experiment into the nature of life, death, and immortality. The intelligences escape into the world wide computer system, where one of them proves itself capable of murder. A freak accident causes temporary telepathy. A handicapped woman discovers an alien presence in the worldwide web. An artificial intelligence duels with a government agency. Has the internet spawned an inimical AI? Morrissey, whom see. The human race expands into interstellar space.

A scientific discovery makes it possible to visit the future, but with unexpected results. Just as it appears that humanity will spread through the solar system, a rogue star appears in the sky and civilization falls apart. The first trip to another star system faces a series of dangers. Surreal novel of a young boy who wanders through a largely deserted Earth avoiding other human beings.

Surreal bit about a woman who travels through time and space, convincing people only that she is crazy. A group of casual vacationers discover they have been abducted by aliens. Someone is plotting to assassinate the queen. Sequel to Islandia by Austin Tappan Wright. Adventures in a Utopian society hidden from the rest of the world. The Queen of Islandia must deal with the possibility of a foreign invasion. Near future political thriller about a ruthless man's quest for the Presidency.

A publicity agent finds himself representing gelatinous aliens in this mild spoof. A rare, genetically altered animal must be located in order to cool off an interstellar diplomatic fracas. Collapsing Empire, The Tor, End of All Things, The Tor, Fuzzy Nation Tor, A retelling of the story of Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper. Ghost Brigades 2. An investigation is launched to discover why a human scientist provided secret data to enemy aliens.

Head On Tor, The Human Division Tor, Ghost Brigades 4. Ghost Brigades 3. A retired soldier finds that his safe haven on a colony world is actual a gambit in a conflict between humans and aliens. Lock In Tor, A new plague leaves people essentially catatonic but conscious. Ghost Brigades 1. Retired humans in a distant future enlist in the military to get homesteads on distant worlds.

Redshirts Tor, A new recruit on a spaceship uncovers a conspiracy. A teenager is instrumental in a major first contact scenario. Contending forces battle for control of a colony world. Psi Division 2. A new member of the military of an interstellar empire has his baptism under fire. Psi Division 1. Adventures of a police woman who tracks down psi powered criminals. Psi Division 3. An abused child seeks revenge in a futuristic city policed by psychics.

A devastating earthquake levels much of Manhattan and an heroic survivor helps to rescue many of those trapped. Computer enhanced equipment makes it possible for the news networks to alter the public's perception of events by using a new technology that makes any visual representation possible. A race is on to find the tomb of Cleopatra because it is believed that vast knowledge can be obtained from a sample of her DNA.

Cleopatra 7. The personality of Cleopatra is merged with that of a modern woman by a controversial genetic process. In a dismal future, a young woman enters the army and is captured in Tibet during a war. The severing of the oil supply leads to world wide unrest. Aliens use mysterious catastrophes to ruin Earth's civilization. A feisty lawyer battles the corporation which is ruthlessly exploiting the colonization of the solar system.

Armchair, , bound with Druid Moon by Ray Cummings. Travel into the far future. Exiles of the Moon Armchair, Rebels against an autocracy on Earth set their hopes on a moon colony. Putnam, , as The Conquered Place. The narrator and one of the protagonists of the story is Tom Cutter, and the novel details his efforts to establish an air charter business in Bahrain immediately after World War II. His first aircraft is a de Havilland Fox Moth ; it is later joined by several other aircraft as the business expands, mostly fictitious, but among them a Percival Proctor. In the novel a de Havilland Hornet Moth is used by the protagonists to fly from Denmark to the United Kingdom with information about a German radar system.

The author drew inspiration from an actual flight that took place during World War II. The film received two nominations for the British Academy Awards. They drive the plot in various ways, first as war-surplus equipment offered for sale by an arms dealer early in the story, and later in combat. The film was notable for its use of genuine, airworthy aircraft, rather than models, for many of the scenes. Scott Summers and his younger brother Alex Summers , members of Marvel Comics ' X-Men , are orphaned as children after parachuting out of their father's Mosquito when it is set ablaze by an alien attack.

Mosquitos play a central role in the graphic novel Out of the Blue written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Keith Burns. In the film, Christopher Ridgefield Denholm Elliott is killed in a crash while nervously trying to fly his first solo in a Tiger Moth in order to meet the approval of his stern father Sir John Ralph Richardson.

A Tiger Moth appears in the opening scene of the film The English Patient , flying over the Sahara Desert, carrying a man and a woman. The aircraft is shot down in flames, leaving the pilot with horrific burns. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Ondaatje. The fact that the DH. It originally aired 22 September He is forced at gunpoint by his co-pilot—a Communist agent—to crash-land the DC-3 at a remote abandoned mine in the Andes so that Communists planning a coup can capture and kill a politician travelling as a passenger.

A DC-3 starred in the British television series Airline.

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The aircraft used to depict the DC-3 of the fictional Ruskin Air Services was also used in the s television series Tenko and the series Band of Brothers. In the two-part episode of the television series Magnum, P. Several scenes are filmed both inside and outside of this aircraft. In the comedy film Major League , the hard-luck Cleveland Indians baseball team is "upgraded" to a DC-3 for their transportation to away games. Howard Hughes pilots the DC-3 in a risky manner while two other passengers are aboard, shutting off the engines in-air and performing a "proper glide".

Gann novel The High and the Mighty. There were no survivors of the nine "souls on board" and the wreckage was never found. In the action film Die Hard 2 , a Douglas DC-8 is given false landing instructions by terrorists and crash lands in a blizzard, resulting in fatalities to all on board. Industrial Light and Magic used a foot long model to shoot the effects of the crash and explosion.

Filming was done at a remote airstrip in the Mojave Desert of California. The children's book Thunder and Lightnings by Jan Mark is about the relationship of two boys — otherwise outsiders — who share an interest in aeroplanes, in particular the English Electric Lightnings flown by the local squadron. The author was awarded the Carnegie Medal in for the book. However, the jets were drawn in by the portals, transporting them to Vanaheim during the Battle of Greenwich. Its other appearances throughout the rest of the film were special effects models. The unit used for filming in the movie was the same as in the real events.

Protagonist Lt. Michener novel The Bridges at Toko-Ri. In the subsequent film adaptation , his aircraft was changed to a Grumman F9F Panther. Aerial flying by Frank Clarke and Paul Mantz. US Marine aviator Lt. The aircraft were provided by the Israeli Air Force for the production. Grumman F4F Wildcats were shown in the critical aerial battle scenes in the film Midway. The series was later renamed Black Sheep Squadron. The sole Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket , which never entered production or squadron service, was incorporated as the primary mount for Blackhawk and the Blackhawk Squadron in wartime editions of the anthology series Military Comics published by Quality Comics , the first issue of which was published in August The long-running title was later acquired by DC Comics , with the squadron upgrading to more modern types.

The production was filmed at a small airstrip at Camp Pendleton , California. De Groot said, "They put some sand all over the strip, and some palm trees, and built a little pagoda there, simulating Guadalcanal The carrier's fighter squadron- VF takes part in the Pacific War and it centres on the experiences of two of its members- ensign Fred Trusteau and the squadron-commander, Lt Jack Hardigan.

In Alas, Babylon , the post-apocalyptic novel by Pat Frank , a heat-seeking missile launched by a Grumman F11F Tiger that accidentally strikes the port area of Latakia , Syria, sets off secondary explosions and gives the Soviet Union the casus belli for preemptive nuclear strikes against the US. The McDonnell Douglas F Eagle is one of the most recognized modern fighters; this has led to, or perhaps even been aided by, its common use in children's toys. Leader-1 of the Gobots turns into an F Although a completely unrelated design to the others, the Aerialbot Air Raid also disguises himself as an F The F is featured in the film Air Force One.

The ads were withdrawn when it came to the attention of New Line Cinema that the F, which first flew in , was out of place for a film set in This was problematic for New Line, who had termed the film a "by-the-numbers recreation" and "close to perfect. Elzer said the advertisement was created by an outside agency. The film's protagonist, Shunichi Maki, is a prestigious pilot of the F, and encounters the enigmatic Ultraman 'The Next' while flying the aircraft. The Falcon was one of the stars of the film Iron Eagle. The US Air Force refused to assist with production of the film because it found the plot about a teenager flying an F into a foreign country to be "a little off the wall".

The action-adventure romantic comedy film The Jewel of the Nile featured a brutal dictator's personal F as the key element in the protagonists played by Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas escaping from a fortified town. The aircraft was also featured in the HBO production Afterburn. A dramatization of true events, the F was the subject of a protracted legal battle over the safety of the design. The jet drops a laser-guided bomb on a car at a drug lord's villa, being laser designated by a special forces team.

The plot centers around a Super Hornet being shot down over Bosnia. The bigger plot of the novel involves the Saudi pilots joining a pan-Arab attack against Israel. While not wanting to directly come to the aid of the Russians, the US lends a squadron of F Raptors to the Russian Air Force and hires American pilots to fly as sworn-in members of the Russian military. The film crew was allowed to film actual Raptors in flight, unlike previous computer-generated appearances, because of the military's support of director Michael Bay.

Toys released for Starscream were replica F Raptor models. These models were reused for other characters in the line, like Thundercracker , Skywarp and Ramjet , that also turned into F Raptors. Although the live-action film Transformers made Starscream the best-known Transformer that turns into an F, there were other F Transformers before it. The plane is the subject of a flight-simulation video game, F Interceptor , which was released by Electronic Arts and Ingram Entertainment for the Sega Mega Drive console in This visualization was a combination of an actual cockpit and CGI for the aircraft in flight.

The film used a combination of a full-scale model and CGI effects. The Transformers character of the Autobot Breakaway and its redeco the Decepticon Thrust from the Revenge of the Fallen toy both disguise themselves as Fs. Breakaway appears as a playable character in the Revenge of the Fallen video game. Fs are depicted in the film The Avengers.

The film was originally intended to include real Fs, but the United States Department of Defense objected to the depiction of Fs and Fs as under the control of S. Air Defense Command headquarters notified its pilots in January that the mock MiGs would be operating over portions of the southwestern US. Desmond Bagley 's novel High Citadel features F Sabres, which make up the frontline equipment of the air force of the fictional South American country in which the book is set. There are four squadrons of Sabres; two are loyal to the current corrupt government; one is secretly loyal to a reformist politician who is returning from exile to take over the country; and the fourth is secretly loyal to Communist forces who are attempting to kill the politician.

The latter part of the novel features a dogfight between a Sabre flown by one of the main characters—a CIA agent and former Sabre pilot who fought in the Korean War—and aircraft of the Communist squadron. FF Sabres of the JASDF regularly feature in the Showa era of kaiju films produced by Toho , with the aircraft appearing most prominently during a sequence in Godzilla where two Sabres attack the titular monster after he leaves the devastated city of Tokyo.

In the dystopian film The Last Chase , retired pilot J. Williams played by Burgess Meredith and his F Sabre play the antagonist in attempting to track down and destroy the protagonist Franklyn Hart played by Lee Majors. After becoming sympathetic to Hart's cause, Williams sacrifices himself in a kamikaze-style attack against a laser installation to protect Hart.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis , a Sabre pilot is forced to eject over a residential area in the US and the aircraft just happens to crash onto the house of an eccentric father who is sheltering with his family in a large underground bomb shelter he has constructed. Believing the crash to be the impact of a nuclear bomb, the family remain underground for 35 years. There is a short scenario in the animated action adventure, The Iron Giant , in which the US military sends out three F Sabres in attempt to "rescue" Hogarth by shooting down the giant who was holding Hogarth in his hands.

The Sabres begin their chase when the giant runs away from the town, but then encounters by a school bus, causing him to trip and fall of a cliff, with the Sabre pilots assuming that he had fallen to his death. But then soon afterwards, he ascends into the air due to rockets implanted in his feet.

The Sabres then pursue the giant and have trouble following him, until finally shooting him down with an unguided missile. The aircraft used for filming was a standard German Luftwaffe FG, flying with its wingtip fuel tanks removed; it otherwise lacked any of the NFA's modifications, most visibly the rocket engine pod at the base of the vertical stabilizer. The film later appeared on the Comedy Central series Mystery Science Theater as the subject of episode Footage of an F featured in the opening scenes of the science-fiction motion picture The Bamboo Saucer , playing the role of an experimental jet called the "X" whose pilot Fred Norwood John Ericson encounters a UFO while carrying out a test flight.

An F made regular appearances on the s television sitcom I Dream of Jeannie. The German film Starfighter — Sie wollten den Himmel erobern "they wanted to conquer heaven" tells the story of the investigation about its accidents in West Germany. Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters is a satirical concept album by Robert Calvert and others, telling an absurdly fictionalized tale of the FG 's acquisition by and service with the German Air Force [].

The F Nighthawk was the subject of the Hollywood film Interceptor ; [] the plot centres on an attempt to steal two Fs from the cargo hold of a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy. Filming took a day at Elstree Aerodrome , Herts. When the story was filmed in as Alive , directed by Frank Marshall , a similar FH marked as the doomed aircraft was used for some shots, while Industrial Light and Magic depicted the crash using an eight-foot breakaway model, designed to shear at mid-fuselage. The nose and tail were heavily reinforced while a non-reinforced midsection was built up of plastic, foil, wires and metals so that when it broke it would have the layered metal look of a real airframe breaking up.

A cable system was rigged to fly the model, which was on an aligned track, into the miniature mountain, hitting the "sweet spot" on the fuselage, a weakened area barely three inches long. Two Fairey Swordfish starred in the film Sink the Bismarck! A Fokker E. A scarlet-painted Fokker Dr.

A pair of Dr. Is are featured in the film epic The Blue Max , directed by John Guillermin and based on the novel of the same name by Jack D. I under the bridge, through either the wide or narrow spans, a total of 32 times. The aircraft makes its first appearance at a cocktail party thrown by the aircraft's designer Anthony Fokker played by Hurd Hatfield who shows off his creation to guest of honour Manfred von Richthofen Law but the latter's eyes are drawn more to Fokker's attractive mistress.

Fokker Dr. A Fokker D. Folland Gnats portray the fictional carrier-based fighters in the comedy film Hot Shots! John Wayne was depicted piloting a Ford Trimotor in several episodes of the serial film Hurricane Express. A real and a model Trimotor were used for the sequence. The aircraft featured in the film belonged to the Golden Wings Museum , Minnesota. Of the that were constructed, 32 were involved in major hull-loss accidents, resulting in 76 fatalities including GAF test pilot Stuart Pearce father of actor Guy Pearce. Kermit Weeks , founder of Fantasy of Flight , used a Gee Bee Model Z as his main character "Zee" in a series of children's books set around the interwar period.

The novel is set during the Axis invasion of Greece in —41 and the central character is a British pilot named John Quayle who flies Gladiators with No. A Gloster Meteor T. A Gotha G. To depict the bomber, the producers used both computer-generated imagery [] and a replica of the forward fuselage of a Gotha, now displayed in a museum at RAF Manston. A Grumman G Goose , painted red, white and black, named "Cutter's Goose", was the main transport of protagonist Jake Cutter played by Stephen Collins in the early —83 adventure television series, Tales of the Gold Monkey , and used to transport Cutter and his allies among various south Pacific islands in the late s setting of the show.

The film The Expendables also features an Albatross as the protagonists' private airplane. Stunt flying was done by Frank Tallman. The movie culminates when the squadron fights at the Battle of Midway. In the scene, a group of officials arrive at an isolated cantina in Mexico's Sonora Desert where the five Avengers of 'Flight' have mysteriously appeared overnight.

Flight 19 was the infamous training flight of five TBMs that vanished without trace after taking off from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on 5 December This design was later used for the Decepticon Jetblade. In the show Simon Templar has to retrieve a prototype aircraft called the Osprey that was stolen by its test pilot and flown to a middle eastern country. The Osprey is portrayed by a Hawker Siddeley P. The primitive tribesmen use a flight simulator to train themselves to fly and later use the Harriers to attack and destroy the aliens' city. The series ran for 10 episodes.

The British film The Iron Maiden features a Handley Page Victor bomber as a fictional supersonic passenger-carrying airliner designed by the protagonist. At the end of the film, this fictional airliner is named after the eponymous traction engine. Along with the Supermarine Spitfire , [] the Hawker Hurricane is very strongly linked to the Battle of Britain in summer , where the Royal Air Force fought the German Luftwaffe over the skies of Britain for air superiority. One Hurricane which featured in a static role in the film was the Mk. The Hawker Hurricane was featured in the film Battle of Britain.

Three airworthy Hurricanes were located and used for the filming. The storyline featured Redburn, having been discharged from the RAF and joining the Merchant Navy , commandeers a CAM ship 's Hurricane during an attack on a convoy after the official pilot is killed , and ends up stranded in Soviet Russia at the height of the war against the Germans in which he fights alongside Russian pilots. The Hawker Hurricane Mk.

The Heinkel He has a prominent role in the movie Battle of Britain. The helicopter is used to render assistance to flood-stranded refugees and to rescue a young boy stranded on a rooftop. Footage of the crash was used in the film. The helicopter pilot and actors on board escaped without serious injury, but the helicopter was destroyed. John-Boy Walton, in the episode of The Waltons entitled "The Inferno", accompanies a news reporter to interview German immigrants after the landing of the Hindenburg.

In the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade , Indiana Jones travels on a Zeppelin and escapes in an aircraft mounted by trapeze to the Zeppelin's underside. This involved the attachment of a large Mustang-esque fibreglass air intake to the underside of the fuselage. The heroes travel back in time in their space Vipers to Earth during the Second World War and encounter the Luftwaffe. A former training airframe that did not appear in the Battle of Britain but which was restored to Bf G standard in the early s, and operated by the Old Flying Machine Company, appeared in the telemovie Over Here starring Martin Clunes.

A Buchon features in the Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk. A pair of Hughes helicopters appear in the film Capricorn One , near the climatic ending where they get entangled with a crop duster biplane. In the s television series Magnum, P. Also known as the Hercules HK-1 and "The Spruce Goose" , this gigantic flying boat has made a number of appearances in fiction. In the novell called "Dream Park" by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes , the novell takes place in a futuristic amusement park and centers around a sophisticated LARP game, the "Spruce Goose" is depicted as an invention that would have ended the war if the atomic bomb was not invented.

In the biopic Tucker: The Man and His Dream , a pivotal meeting between automaker Preston Tucker and Howard Hughes takes place in front of the Hercules, within its hangar, where Hughes briefly tells Tucker that whether the Hercules flies is not the point, as well as how to circumvent the "establishment" and Senator Ferguson. In the adventure film The Rocketeer , hero Cliff Secord uses a large-scale model of the Hughes H-4 Hercules to escape some eager federal agents and Howard Hughes himself.

After Secord glides the model to safety, Hughes expresses relief that the craft would actually fly. A flying large-scale model was used for the film, and it is now displayed next to the original aircraft at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. In the video game L. Noire the player is able to enter the aircraft. Additionally, exterior and interior views of the H-4 Hercules aircraft are featured in the opening introduction of the DLC mission, "Nicholson Electroplating".

Part of the con involves convincing the mark that Hughes secretly gave the aircraft stealth capabilities. The same aircraft rescues the main characters at the conclusion of the film. Gann in which an abandoned example is resurrected and flown on two engines by a team of pilots. One aircraft was painted in a Luftwaffe scheme, the other in an all-silver finish. A replica Junkers W 33 featured in the Australian TV mini-series Flight into Hell , a dramatisation of the Kimberley rescue of German aviators Hans Bertram and Adolph Klausmann who, during an attempt to circumnavigate the world, crash-landed in a remote region of North-West Australia.

The aircraft include Bureau Numbers , , and The helicopters transport inmates to a prison island, and patrol the shoreline for would be escapees. A Stinson L-5A Sentinel was featured in the Mike Nichols film Catch as the aircraft that a pilot commits suicide in after accidentally killing another squadron member with his propeller. The one-of-a-kind Lamson L Alcor pressurized high-altitude research sailplane played a key role in the book Sierra Sierra , by John Joss.

When he travels to Seattle , Washington, to explain O'Halloran's death to his family he discovers that O'Halloran's father and sister are engaged in building a research glider, the Alcor, in which O'Halloran was to have set world records for altitude and distance, when he returned from Vietnam. Instead Lewis takes O'Halloran's place in the project, while trying to put his own life back together after the war, flying the Alcor in the mountain wave of the Sierra Nevada. A fleet of grounded Connies was rendered in CGI.

Novels of the Napoleonic Era

In Jimmie H. The EP-3 crew then make an emergency landing at Fuzhou air base in China. The crew and aircraft are detained as in the real incident. A US delegation led by Admiral Thomas Boone flies to the base and secures the release of the crew, but the aircraft remains in Chinese custody. Against orders a Navy Lieutenant flies into Chinese airspace and destroys the EP-3 before the Chinese have a chance to study it in detail. This leads to him being court-martialed.

A Lockheed Model 12 Electra Junior appeared as the French airliner in the climactic final scene from the film Casablanca. A "cut-out" stood in for a real aircraft in many shots. One of the aircraft was repainted to resemble a Lockheed Model 10 which was the aircraft in which Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan were flying when they disappeared in The owner and restorer of the latter aircraft, pilot Joe Sheppard, flew the plane during filming and he had to shave off his moustache and wear a wig in order to resemble Swank.

The film was based on the book by William Breuer. An actual Hudson appeared in the series along with a number of others recreated with CGI. Although the real aircraft had "Auric Enterprises" on the nose, the model used in some shots did not. Several Lockheed L TriStars were depicted in the action film Die Hard 2 , with two large models constructed by Industrial Light and Magic "flown" on wires for the cameras through "storm clouds" made of non-toxic vaporized mineral oil.

Filming was done at a remote airstrip in the Mojave Desert in California. Whipped by the Santa Ana winds coming through the Tehachapi Pass into the valley, the smoke effect contributed convincing heavy weather to the shots. The Lockheed L Tristar was featured in the film Passenger 57 as the location of a terrorist hijacking []. The aircraft, registration NEA, was formerly operated commercially by Eastern Airlines and was painted in the livery of the fictional airline Atlantic International for the film.

Although a Boeing is mentioned as aircraft for the ill-fated Oceanic Airlines Flight central to the ABC television series Lost , the fuselage used to represent the wreckage on the beach was a Lockheed L formerly operated by Delta Airlines. In one of the early scenes of the film, the hero scientist Cal played by Rex Reason is about to land his T at the desert airfield near his government-owned laboratory when the aircraft becomes ensnared by some unknown alien force.

The film achieved renewed fame when it was spoofed in the comedy Mystery Science Theater The Movie. The Lockheed U-2 made an important appearance in the Beacon Pictures docudrama Thirteen Days as the aircraft that initially detected Soviet missiles being deployed in Cuba in October , and was later shot down, killing pilot Maj. Save Extra with 4 offers. About the Author Jonathan Westbrook, author of A Legend in Time, lives in Connecticut with his very supportive wife, who, during this writing, had to endure the Jolly Roger hanging from the bathroom ceiling and having to listen to a new and original pirate song sung by her husband over and over again.

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