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Proceeding in a straight course or manner; not deviating; honest; frank. In a straightforward manner. Search result for -straightforward- 26 entries 0. You can Suggest your own translation to Longdo or Search other online dictionaries. Top Contributors.

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EN: anon. Longdo makes use of many freely available dictionaries we are really grateful for this , please refer to their terms and licenses see Longdo About page. Search result for -straightforward- 26 entries. Seems straightforward enough. The cases where the main connective in is a binary connectives are also straightforward. Those views, theistic evolution, progressive creationism, also deny the straightforward text of the book of Genesis.

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The extension to a nucleus with an axially deformed ground state is straightforward. Maximum likelihood estimation of trigrams is straightforward count! They cannot proceed to a straightforward comparison between Buddhist and western ethicists, but must first construct the studied object. The article contains a couple of simple diagrams and some straightforward help for the layman as well as advice for the experienced farrier. This is not a cheap treatment option, and availability of human immune globulin is not straightforward.

With the rosy hue of hindsight, once the contract was signed the actual project was quite straightforward. Wearing sunglasses indoors usually sends out some worrying but fairly straightforward messages: you're either impossibly arrogant, deeply insecure or completely idiotic.


She combined a fine intellect with a straightforward , no nonsense approach that spoke directly to people. Whenever possible, each function should be implemented on a single replaceable item to make fault isolation straightforward. The treatment for lactose intolerance is straightforward : avoid lactose.

Fiber bundle testing is relatively straightforward using low capacity mechanical or servo-hydraulic loading frames. The final voice is a straightforward oral narration that tells the passage of Caterina's heart from a body organ to a historical artifact. It may not be straightforward , but the Coolpix is extremely nippy for a non-SLR, and considerably smaller. Finally, access to others ' data may be feasible and even obligatory in some applications how straightforward is this? Obtaining a work permit is more straightforward where the job is listed as a " shortage occupation ".

The book was more a history of modern monarchy than a straightforward biography of its subject, and it won widespread praise. Package holidays sold in the UK are subject to UK law, which makes obtaining restitution relatively straightforward. Even a seemingly straightforward photograph of an art object has its issues. The process of adding or removing access rights is quite straightforward.

The case for inclusion of naturalist intelligence appears pretty straightforward , the position with regard to spiritual intelligence is far more complex. On paper, this game should prove pretty straightforward for the Magpies. It all sounds relatively straightforward , however it is not always the case. The questions are mostly straightforward , but the answers are quite subversive.

It is straightforward to show students that the only mathematically tractable way forward is to minimize the squared error or the mean squared error. Drawbacks Not many, although some users may find the straightforward bar design somewhat uninspired. In the interview Amis described Deller as ' genial, straightforward , considerate, clear-eyed ' and ' charmingly uxorious '.

Another, more straightforward explanation is that the letters stand for: ' Orator ut omnia sunt vanitas ait vanitas vanitatem '. Getting to Venice is straightforward , parking on the mainland and then taking a vaporetto or ferry. Infection with highly virulent strains should be more straightforward. Philosophy is not a directly vocational subject and it is recognized that the route to appropriate employment is not straightforward. No problems, anchor held well and the manual windlass made lifting the anchor straightforward. At his trial by court-martial in Dublin, Tone made a manly straightforward speech, avowing his determined hostility to England and his design "by fair and open war to procure the separation of the two countries," and pleading in virtue of his status as a French officer to die by the musket instead of the rope.

He wandered from village to village and town to town, preaching to enormous audiences, always in the open air; the earnestness and straightforward eloquence with which he insisted that true repentance came from the heart, that pious pilgrimages and the absolution of the Church were mere outward symbols, appealed to all classes.

The minor characters of the honest old Huntley, whom the Scottish king obliges to bestow his daughter's hand upon Warbeck, and of her lover the faithful "Dalyell," are most effectively drawn; even "the men of judgment," the adventurers who surround the chief adventurer, are spirited sketches, and the Irishman among them has actually some humour; while the style of the play is, as befits a "Chronicle History," so clear and straightforward as to make it easy as well as interesting to read.

They liked him because he was vigorous, brusque, uncouth, relentless, straightforward and open. This latest Express addition costs nothing and is meant for stand-alone free hotspots that benefit from a splash page and other straightforward features. ZoomText The default page and site map were not very straightforward to navigate with the screen magnifier ZoomText. It 's actually pretty easy - XSLT is quite small language and relatively straightforward to implement. The process to determine whether a defendant is financially eligible for criminal legal aid representation will be simple to understand and straightforward to administer.


Howard Curtis had accomplished the far from straightforward task of compiling an up to date text of the Board standing orders. Straightforward , conventional narrative is replaced by abstract meanings which strengthen the melodies. The most straightforward answer to that is this: Ask God to fill you. Manifesto Guide Writing a manifesto is a pretty straightforward affair, but there are a few things you have to stick to.

This is, although tricky to navigate, more straightforward than many of today 's footpath sections have been. A straightforward and unvarnished account of the experiences of a Non-Commissioned officer during the Boer War. The variances of the parameter estimates are also equal under these conditions, which can be verified by straightforward calculations. The quest for victory is straightforward : develop your cities so they attract and support more well-fed citizens than anyone else. Buying a condominium, or "condo" as they're more commonly called, is a relatively straightforward process.

That said, the download process is much more straightforward as the game is directly installed onto the phone during the download. The process of buying a property in Germany is quite straightforward ; however, before buying a property it is important to research the market well and make a few key decisions.

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If you are relocating due to work commitments, the decision will be fairly straightforward. It is straightforward to exchange currency into Euros and transfer money to German banks, although it is important to note that some banks charge a receipt fee. Although the workings of systems are complex, involving a series of 24 satellites and various calculations using different variables, the end result is really quite straightforward in that it is easy to pinpoint a position.

How to buy a bicycle seems fairly straightforward but in reality, there are quite a few variables out there to consider before plopping down the cash. Though you may not think you need to read reviews on gift cards, there are some listed at Best Buy's website and users state that they are easy to use and very straightforward. The cost of bonds varies, but determining cost is pretty straightforward. Emerson CKS This is an inexpensive and straightforward alarm clock that features three alarm modes: every day, weekdays-only or weekends-only. Even though it is a more straightforward watch than the previous options, this model actually comes with several value-added features like dual time zone support and a simple USB-charging interface. Cat towers tend to be more straightforward models, without too many added features. Some are relatively easy to identify and the treatment is fairly straightforward.

Easy, straightforward mixed drinks can be just as welcome and satisfying as fancy concoctions and leave the host free to enjoy friends and festivities. Utilizing a prepaid debit card is not a simple, straightforward transaction. When American Express Blue was introduced in , it became an instant phenomenon, as cardholders were drawn to the wide range of convenient benefits and the straightforward card philosophy. The Visa Gift Card is a straightforward gift card you can give to others. Some people build furniture for the love of the craft while others are trying to save a few dollars by contributing their labor to a straightforward , and hopefully quick, project.

They have a very straightforward variety of futons, futon mattresses, pillows and accessories, as well as a few full futon sets to choose from. Preparing a list of reducing, reusing and recycling ideas may seem a daunting task, however it is really very straightforward. Composting is very straightforward and is a simple step towards greener living.

While making a compost pile is very straightforward , many people like to use a compost bin. There are many obvious, straightforward bonus room ideas, such as a home office or den, a workout room or a play room for the kids. Digital Photo Printing Comparison Chart - BestWebBuys has compiled a straightforward chart comparing the rates, specials and shipping costs of over two dozen sites specializing in digital printing.

Tetris 5 is straightforward , and the only addition to the original game is some sound effects and audio as you play the game. Photographing fireworks displays is incredibly straightforward if you remember the following tips. The adjustment process is simple and straightforward for a professional.

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However, the decision to do so isn't necessarily that straightforward. Here are some more symptoms of compulsive liars that may not be as straightforward. With simple, straightforward food preparation that even involved some shortcuts, she spoke to a wide audience. Also, ironing out those problems is not always as straightforward as one would like. The application process for the online accounting MBA is pretty straightforward. Transportation to Disney Cruise Lines is straightforward and easy to manage when you use the company's services. Guitar Noise: This free online beginner level guitar course is simple and straightforward , and there is plenty of material here to move past the beginning stages when you're ready to move up to more difficult songs.

Guitar Noise: There are no frills on this website, but it sets out the basic bass fretboard chart in a simple, straightforward way.