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Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. This widely praised publication of the work of a key figure in the history of opera provides the most reliable version of the score for each opera, appending a translation of the libretto. La Statira is the ninth opera available in the edition, which is under the general editorship of Donald Jay Grout.

Verdi Operas: The Complete Vocal Scores [2 CDR Set]

La Statira was first performed in Rome in January , to inaugurate the carnival season for that year. William C.

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See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Overview This widely praised publication of the work of a key figure in the history of opera provides the most reliable version of the score for each opera, appending a translation of the libretto. About the Author William C. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review.

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Io so ch'alle faville degl'amanti, Tutti i mari alla fin non son bastanti. Sebastiano Baldini. Until death, I vow that I will adore you. I want to love you in defiance of time and fate, until death. Let your adorned locks, magnificently resplendent in masses of gold, be turned to silver by the hand of age; Let the beloved ruins of your beauty that I so adore be trampled by time intent on consuming them. Let every light be spent from your eyes and let the scarlet and vermilion of your cheeks and lips become impoverished. Even against thought that nourishes the soul, the blind archer will take the prize.

The desire that surrounds you, that sighs for you continuously, will delight in opening the door of my heart until death parts us. Let my trust be troubled by the poison of lovers, that overseer of tears, the origin of every ill: jealousy.

Handel: Sosarme – Eloquence

I will serve the tyrant that condemns me to death, amidst the cares of misfortune, amidst trials, until death. Let my faithfulness be troubled by the enemy of love, the mother of suffering, the frenzy of every heart: separation. Let fortune carry me afar, yet always in vain will it bring vexations. The river of oblivion doesn't hold enough water to quell my passion, for to extinguish the fire of my love would take an ocean, and even an ocean is too little.

I know that all the oceans of the world are not equal to the sparks that fly between lovers.

He was commonly used as a symbol of renewed spiritual strength derived from contemplation of fundamental truths. Musica Secreta, La virtuosissima cantatrice. Amon Ra Sino alla morte, S, bc , timing Sino alla morte , CT, hps, theor, flugelhorn ; timing one verse only. Ensemble Accordone , Marco Beasley. Il Sogno d'Orfeo.

ORF Sino alla morte, S, bc. Sino alla morte, S, bc, timing Elisabeth Holmertz, soprano, Fredrik Bock, gtr, theorbo.


The Operas of Alessandro Scarlatti, Volume IX: La Statira

Love Songs Respelled. LAWO Classics. Ond'ei, dal duolo oppresso, sospirava, piangeva, indi s'udiva gridar contro la sorte; e solo egli chiedea, per dar fine al suo mal, pietade a morte. A qual barbara sventura! Appresso il caro bene gradite eran le pene, m'era dolce il soffrir, soave il foco, Ma l'idolo ch'adoro in pianto amaro or ch'io non miro, io moro. Mentr'in tal guisa il misero Fileno, lagnandosi d'Amore narrava il suo dolore alle stelle, agl'augelli, ai fiori, all'acque, dal mesto cor trasse un sospiro e tacque. Pietro Monesi. LAMENT By the silvery waters of a murmering stream sat the lover Fileno, tuning his laments to the waves while in his breast he nurtured burning flames for his distant beloved.

Lamento Appresso ai molli argenti , S, lirone, vlg, ch, hps, org , timing Lamento Appresso ai molli argenti , S, bc. Cascavelle Lamento Appresso ai molli argenti , S, hp, g, hps , timing Lamento Appresso ai molli argenti , S, hps, vc, hp , timing Concerto Vocale, Judith Nelson, s, Cantates. Harmonia Mundi HM Moribondo mio core, Fu costante al dolore; Regna il diletto ove il tormento impera.

Vittoria, mio core! - CM - Cantata (PIANO & VOICE)

Fin che tu spiri, spera. Atra Nube il sol discaccia, Alla notte alba succede E del verno al fin si vede Trionfar la primavera. Rottilio Lepidi.

As long as you breathe, be hopeful. My languishing heart, You've been constant in suffering; delight reigns where torment commands. If your fate makes you adore a deaf goddess, your faithfulness will earn the badge of victory over those hardships.

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  • The sun dissipates the dark cloud, the dawn succeeds night, and spring in the end triumphs over winter. Courage, then, take comfort, for that flame, that arrow, that comes in a heavenly glance, will be thunder and lightening powerful enough to burn up your troubles. With the breeze of your sighs you will quiet that turbulent sea. Cut off your complaining, arm yourself with steadfastness: hope is the idol of lovers. S, bc, timing E voi, lumi dolenti, non piangete? Ma ben m'accorgo che per tormentarmi Maggiormente la sorte Mi niega anco la morte.

    Pietro Dolfino. My tears, why do you hold back? Why do you not let burst forth the fierce pain that takes my breath and oppresses my heart?

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    Because she looked on me with a favorable glance, Lidia, whom I so much adore, is imprisoned by her stern father. Between two walls the beautiful innocent one is enclosed, where the sun's rays can't reach her; and what grieves me most and adds torment and pain to my suffering, is that my love suffers on my account. And you, grieving eyes, you don't weep? Alas, I miss Lidia, the idol that I so much adore; she's enclosed in hard marble, the one for whom I sigh and yet do not die.

    Because I welcome death, now that I'm deprived of hope, Ah, take away my life, I implore you, my harsh pain. But I well realize that to torment me all the more fate denies me even death.

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    Thus since it's true, oh God, that wicked destiny thirsts only for my weeping, tears, why do you hold back? Non volete ch'io mi dolga? Se quei vezzi che mi fate Sono finti e simulati, Se quei sguardi che vibrate Sono dardi avvelenati? Non volete ch'io mi dolga, Se il destino meco irato M'ha riddotto a questo passo, Che qual Sisifo dannato Io mi crucio con un sasso?

    Act I Scene 1: Col saggio tuo consiglio Nerone. Act I Scene 3: La mia sorte fortunata Pallante. Act I Scene 5: Volo pronto, e lieto il core Narciso. Act I Scene 7: Qual piacere a un cor pietoso Nerone. Act I Scene Tu be degno Agrippina. Act I Scene Vaghe perle, eletti fiori Poppea.

    Act I Scene Ho un non so che nel cor Agrippina. Act I Scene Pur ritorno a rimirarvi Claudio. Act I Scene Vieni, o cara Claudio.