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This causes both of them to be punished for their actions. Kanika is made to marry a dog while Shalini is forbidden from taking part in the purity test. Desperate to leave the house, she reveals to the leader Guru Ma that Pooja did not undergo abortion by Dr Renu who is a slave as well as initially decided. This betrayal allows her to take the test.

The day of the test finds Shalini faced with a difficult choice; to be able to succeed she has to press a button which will kill the "traitors" Pooja and Renu. Unable to bring herself to perform this task, she fails the test and is sent to the labour camp. As she enters the bus, she is quickly told to sit somewhere else as being a category 5; she can only sit in certain seats.

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In a bid to escape, she winds up in a room with caged children where she saves a little girl called Roop. She takes a liking to her as she reminds her of her daughter and promises to give Roop money if she helps her reach the highway. Roop now wants to find her brother and buy him back, which she plans to do with the money Shalini has promised her once she returns home.

Leila Origin and Meaning

As he runs after them, we flashback to Shalini and her family watching the news of the Taj Mahal being destroyed. Her brother-in-law Naz exclaims that walls should be built to protect them, which causes disagreement and discord with his brother. The couple explains that they have decided to move to the East End, which is where we cut back to present day. Roop gets taken away by soldiers for trying to desecrate a statue of Joshi while Shalini begrudgingly presses on, eventually making it to her in-laws' house where she hopes to find Leila.

He confronts her, blaming her for her current predicament. Her mother-in-law hugs her goodbye but not before telling her to remember Project Balee when she goes looking for Leila. Back in Tower 51 where Shalini lives in the labour camp, she relays her findings to her friend Madhu. She explains that she wants to find the writer of an article about missing children and Project Balee, and having listened to her pleas, Madhu agrees to help her.

Later that night, Madhu wakes Shalini up and tells her she has found the reporter. Madhu explains that Dixit is involved in a dangerous conspiracy and they need to find out more.

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After intercepting a package at the local mall, Shalini uses the computer in the house and finds out that the reporter is dead. As her husband is suddenly taken away, Mrs Dixit starts to panic; she worries that she may lose her son. We find out that the child is not hers and that she bought him because she was unable to conceive. Shalini pleads for her life and explains that she was only trying to help. As she reaches the fertility clinic to find out more about her daughter, she sees a poster showing one of the fertility doctors who she recognizes as one of the men who came to kill her husband and kidnap Leila.

Bhanu questions her about the package and she tells him that if he takes her to the clinic first thing tomorrow, she will give it to him. Back at the camp, Madhu congratulates Shalini for her help catching Mr Dixit. She later purposely drops tea on Rao which gets her fired. Bhanu takes her away but they are both later stopped by the police before being shown footage of when they helped Mrs Dixit escape.

We then see a news report showing an assassination attempt on Joshi by Dixit. As he was involved in a conspiration, we could assume that Dixit was framed for this crime.

Deepa Mehta's Leila: What the reviewers are not telling you about the Netflix show

After they are released, Shalini finally gives Bhanu the package which contains a video of Dixit explaining that the Skydome will be like a giant air conditioner with vents blowing hot air outside of it, with power the equivalent of jets taking off at the same time. This will then cause a terrible fire outside and obliterate all of Unati. In the morning, Bhanu takes her to the clinic where she meets with Dr Rakesh who tells her he can get her any child she wishes for, but it will be a mixed child.

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Selection Day TV Series Mirzapur TV Series Kota Factory TV Series Comedy Drama. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Huma Qureshi Shalini Pathak 6 episodes, Rahul Khanna Rizwan Chowdhury 6 episodes, Siddharth Bhanu 6 episodes, Leysha Mange Sapna 3 episodes, Seema Biswas Madhu 3 episodes, Arif Zakaria Iyer 3 episodes, Anupam Bhattacharya Mohan Rao 3 episodes, Akash Khurana Rao 3 episodes, Manisha Methri Roop 3 episodes, Prasanna Soni Ashish 2 episodes, Tarun Arora Council Member 3 2 episodes, Sachin Kathuria Raja 2 episodes, Aman Kumar Repeater 1 2 episodes, Gayatri Sharma Instructor 2 episodes, Indu Sharma Dixit 2 episodes, Faisal Simon Anil 2 episodes, Hema Singh Hemal 2 episodes, Jaspal Singh Bhanu's Guard 2 episodes, Rajwinder Singh Tina 2 episodes, Lalit Suri Council Member 1 2 episodes, Sanjay Suri Edit Storyline In a near-future world where an oppressive regime segregates society, one woman skirts the system to search for the daughter taken from her years ago.

Country: India. Language: Hindi.

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Filming Locations: India. Runtime: 48 min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color.

'Leila' Season 2 Renewal, Release Date for Netflix's Dystopian Indian Drama

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Based on the novel by Prayaag Akbar of same name Leila.

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That said, if there is motivation to renew the series, it could hopefully happen in the next month or so. If Season 2 is a go, the trailer may be released one month before the season.

http://sivamont.hu/recuerdos-de-la-campaa-de.php If you want to refresh your memory on how the trailer set the tone and established the grim, dystopian vision of the fictional Indian state of Aryavarta, you can watch that below. No confirmation means nothing is currently in production on Leila Season 2. Even if that confirmation did come through, time would be needed to develop a script, film, put the season through post-production, and get it ready to stream for Netflix. With all this in mind, it could take the better part of a year maybe more, depending on how quickly Netflix renews it before Season 2 is released.

Season 1 had six episodes, which could be the series standard and expected Season 2 order.

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The year is and the action is set inside the fictional Indian state of Aryavarta, an innovative city of the future that is walled off from the rest of India. Outside, India has been ruined by famine, disease, war. Riz is killed by the guards and Shalini is brought to Aryavarta and expected to submit completely to the state.