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These alarm buttons warn us of potential danger and motivate us to proceed with caution.

Haunted Houses | Emma Ruth Rundle

Haunted houses give us the creeps not because they pose a clear threat to us, but rather because it is unclear whether or not they represent a threat. For example, it would be considered bizarre and embarrassing to run screaming out of a house that makes you feel uneasy if there is actually nothing to fear. On the other hand, it could be perilous to ignore your intuition and remain in a place that is dangerous. They also help you manage the balance between self- preservation and self- presentation ie, presenting yourself in a socially desirable way.

While human psychology can explain what makes a haunted house so scary, it also provides the perfect guide to making one ourselves. Evolutionary psychologists have proposed the existence of agent detection mechanisms — or processes that have evolved to protect us from harm at the hands of predators and enemies. If it turns out to be a gust of wind or a stray cat, you lose little by overreacting.

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But if you fail to activate the alarm response and a true threat is present — well, the cost of your miscalculation could be high. Thus, we evolved to err on the side of detecting threats in ambiguous situations.

2 Legendary Haunted Houses

Things that activate hypervigilance for malevolent supernatural or natural agents abound in large, drafty old houses: rattling or creaking sounds in upstairs rooms; the sighing and moaning of wind passing through cracks; ragged curtains fluttering in the breeze; echoes; and cold spots. Research has consistently shown that we need more personal space while seated than while standing, more space when we are in the corner of a room rather than in the center of it and more space in rooms with low ceilings.

We feel uncomfortable when our personal space is violated anywhere, but especially so in situations where we feel as if escape will become difficult. Such feelings of discomfort are symptomatic of the fact that we are constantly — even if unconsciously — scanning our surroundings and assessing our ability to flee if it should become necessary. The prototypical haunted house is in a remote, isolated location, far removed from the rest of society think of the off-season resort hotel in The Shining , for example.

If bad things do happen, help would be a long time coming, even if communication with the outside world were possible. Conveniently, in old horror movies the telephones always stop working.

The Scare Factor’s Haunted House Directory

Also, the darkness and confusing layout of the house may cause us to get lost; at the very least, it would slow us down. Escape could further be impeded by hedges, iron fences or crumbling stairways, all of which are featured prominently in Hollywood haunted houses. No one knew when The Culling would occur. You have to ask: Am I next? The hotel was eventually abandoned after stories began circulating about several guests who had visited the hotel were never seen nor heard from again.

What went on within the walls of this historic hotel?

http://liveplan.dev3.develag.com/luke-cage-second-chances-vol-1.php Who is the woman that boaters have seen peering out a top-floor window? Are the eerie sounds heard nearly each night the pleading voices of the missing, or just the wind howling across the lake? Neither did anyone who ever visited this sinister circus. The manager was a clown, as were all the employees — in the very literal sense, with garish makeup that seemed to be permanent. The incessant carnie music was haunting, the freak shows all too real, the evil laughter echoing into the night.

A Haunted House on Staten Island

And visitors to Carnivus? This immersive nightmare is an open format where visitors lose their way around lurking threats of voodoo, a live alligator, werewolves, phantoms, and monsters.

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Traverse through a medieval time warp that goes to a time when it was an eye for an eye, the Beast within the man. There are 4 floors where the Beast is clawing to get the next victim before escaping by jumping out a 2-story window or slide 4-stories down. Queen of Haunts started in the business of scare as a small child who slept in a coffin at the family's Edge of Hell attraction. Now, 44 years later the attraction is still operating alongside her other nationally acclaimed haunts. She has spent a lifetime in the haunt industry — celebrating forty-five seasons.

Some of her early memories as a five-year-old was sleeping in a coffin and raising up from it to toss pedals on passersby in her family-owned haunt in Kansas City. The years following, they expanded to a whole bevy of scare-based attractions including haunts Beast and Macabre Cinema, a ghost and gangsters tour, hayrides, and the Festival of the Full Moon where the Queen of Haunts reigns over scary fun and laughter.

This fright-for-fun expert is quizzed by all types of people — from scare enthusiasts with either a penchant for travel or a bucket-list of thrill goals, or others simply wanting to hear how their local haunt stacks up.

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