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The outer layer, sealed without bolt, is made up of sturdy and durable ABS. Usable with different kinds of rod in different terrain and weather. Power saving. The three batteries equipped can be in use for 1 or 2 years if the Features:Compact and lightweight, easy to remove and install. Multi-rotate alumnium spool holder, avoids Multi-rotate alumnium spool holder, avoids line twist.

Spring-loaded tension ensures even spooling. The suction cup can mounts firmly to any flat, smooth surface. Line not included.

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Lenghth: 74cm T. Dia: 0. Features:Professionally designed for outdoor using, such as hiking, tactical activities, travelling, cycling, Features:Professionally designed for outdoor using, such as hiking, tactical activities, travelling, cycling, and so onFoldable design, more convenient and easy to carry and storeAdjustable strapsGreat for traveling, hiking, camping and tactical activities, etcSpecifications:Color: CamoMaterial: PolyesterDimensions: 43cmX Features:Lightweight and compact: Just weighs Environmentally friendly: No fuel canisters, no chemical emissions, no batteries, less carbon footprint.

Unlimited fuel sources: Cook a meal using the twigs you collect on your hike or solidified alcohol.

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Say goodbye to heavy, costly, polluting Functions:Uses include:4 Wire strippers. Bottle opener. Can opener.

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Screwdriver head. Emergency cord. Even at the end of the summer, when the fishing is slow due to the heat and the clients seem especially difficult, if you just wake up every morning and get the coffee going, take a shower to shake off the hangover, and put the Bob Marley on in the truck on the way to the river, eventually you will have the day. The best day. Every season has its worst day, and every season has its best day. This year my best day had little to do with the fishing itself. What made it epic was the company. At 75 and 86, respectively, they have more than 60 published books and several major literary awards between them.

Fishing Sense

At this point, both of these men seem to me a rare, possibly vanishing breed of writer — there is an easy authenticity regarding the natural world to be found in both of their styles, one that can stem only from lives lived out of doors. Harrison and Matthiessen both walk with canes. She must have known I was an American Poet.

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I could have used a bib. Publication Pending.

They have hired me to perform a service. They are standing in a drift boat in the middle of the Yellowstone River under the shadow of the Absaroka Mountains with trout rising all around them, and they will talk over your head about the price of sweet crude and flow rates and what the market did that morning. I put up with this for only so long.

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If it gets unbearable, I will get their attention gently. Instead I point to the sky. A group of the birds are flying in tight formation over the river. They pass between us and the sun, and we can feel the shadows of their wings cross our face. Over the course of the afternoon, the men start talking about writing without my prompting. Matthiessen snorts at this.

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In the late afternoon, we drink our beer beside the river. It has been under ice all day and is teeth-achingly cold and good. They thank me for the trip, and we load up in the truck.

Harrison immediately fills the cab with cigarette smoke. We talk about dogs all the way back to town. This appeals immensely to my Midwestern sensibilities, my ingrained Lutheran work ethic and guilt complex.

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But for now, it will have to wait. I have to guide again tomorrow and most of the days after that until mid-October. Tonight, still, I have to clean out my boat, deodorize the interior of my truck, arrange for lunches, and confirm meeting times. I stop at the Murray Bar for a quick one. Everyone is there. The nights are starting to get cooler. In a few days you will be able to see your breath in the morning. There has been a shift; the end is in sight and spirits are high.

I stay later than I had planned, talking about fishing. Then the band starts and the girls show up and we are dancing. Eventually a few sports straggle back in after their dinners.