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No Refunds. The Chinese text permits both of them, and indeed, many others. It has to do with the great differences between Chinese and English.

It manifests itself through an energy we call Teh. It can, however, be directed, deflected, and channeled in the same way that a valley directs, deflects, and channels the perceivable energy form of moving water. Nature is the greatest expression of Tao and it is tangible evidence of the intelligence of the source from which it emanates. Adapting to this expression, this energy, is how we move toward adapting to its source because the source and its expressions are actually one and the same. It is called the Great Mother because it gives birth to Heaven and Earth.

It is like a vapor, barely seen but always present. Use it effortlessly.

Spirit Valley’s tracks

The Mysterious One is typical of the source of heaven and earth. It is continually and endlessly issuing and without effort. The passage through which these Two Influences emerge and enter is called the root of the visible creation. They are ceaseless in action as though permanent, and may be drawn upon without ever being exhausted.

Balfour, It is the unknown first mother, whose gate is the root from which grew heaven and earth. It is dimly seen, yet always present. Draw from it all you wish; it will never run dry. It's named the mystic woman. And the gate of the profound woman is the root that heaven and earth sprang from. It's there within us all the while; draw upon it as you will, you can never wear it out.

  1. Netflix’s ‘Spirit Riding Free’ Tames the Stallion of the Cimarron but Keeps the West Wild.
  2. Buccaneer: A Dane Maddock Adventure (Dane Maddock Adventures Book 5);
  3. D.Gray-man, Vol. 23: Searching for Allen Walker.

The gateway of the Subtle Female is the source of Heaven and Earth. Everlasting, endless, it appears to exist.

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Its usefulness comes with no effort. Her gateway is, they further say, The base of heaven and earth. Constantly, and so forever, Use her without labor. Since both energy and stillness, of themselves, do not have form, it is not through the senses that they may be found, nor understood by intellect alone, although, in nature, both abound. In the meditative state, the mind ceases to differentiate between existences, and that which may or may not be. It leaves them well alone, for they exist, not differentiated, but as one, within the meditative mind.

It is the Mystic Female from whom the heavens and the earth originate. Constantly, continuously, enduring always. Use her! Invisible yet ever-present, You can use it forever without using it up. Its without structure and form and is limitless. Try to find it, and it will seem as if it is beyond thousands of mountains.

Try to locate it, in the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, or kidneys, and you will find nothing. Words cannot describe this cavity. If you try to grasp it, it is nowhere to be found. The cavity of the Mysterious Gate is the most important gate in the body. The cavity is the mind within the mind. Its not made of flesh and blood, yet its the spirit that directs everything in us. The spirit dwells inside a substantive form.

Spirit of the Valley

It is there, and yet not there. When the ego is absent, the one cavity of the Mysterious Gate will emerge.

Severson Spirit Series Motorized Screen is 4K Ready

However, even if there is only a small trace of ego present, the cavity will disappear. Chan Buddhist and Taoist Poetry. By Evgueni A. Designed to perform, the Spirit Series triangular-shaped weight bar forms a solid bottom in closed position giving the ceiling a clean appearance with no slot opening. Its high-end motor is mounted inside the roller on special vibration insulators for ultra-silent operation and, in addition, its white durable all-aluminum case meets UL plenum testing standards. Plus, all the mounting hardware is included. Versatility is also key for the Spirit Series.

Installation options include wall, ceiling, or cable suspended operation. Custom sizes are also available.