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You've been tryin'. You say most of you're grades at school are freaking. Behind closed doors you started crying.

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And I wish, I could change it. You're fear of going home at least. I listen. So you're not alone. And I really hope you'll be understood. And one day, you only to hide under that hood. I can see it in your eyes. Everybody cryes sometimes. A little hope gets lost.

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In the cryes fight. I can hear them through the walls. These moments make me feel so small. Drown old noise with your headphone on. Make it disapear, your seattles in stears. Although, Simon was pleased to notice that his boyfriend snuggled closer to Simon instead of pulling away like he used to. It took about three months for Jace to finally warm up to Simon in a way that kisses and spontaneous hugs from the Daylighter.

His nightmares had dwindled to about barely any since he had started sleeping with Simon. Of course, Jace was still his normal grumpy self around Simon because that's just how they worked but behind the closed doors, the pair of them were something completely different, and Simon was okay with that.

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He and Jace barely had time to spend together and Simon couldn't wait until Friday was over so that he could take his much-needed break, according to Raphael, he was working much too hard and the elder vampire had forced him to rest up because he looked dead on his feet, pun fully intended. Raphael had pointedly ignored Simon's protests and stated firmly that they were not short on vampires and the last thing he, as the leader, needed was their youngest one passing out. Simon knew the "heartless" vampire did, in fact, care about him.

Just like with Jace, he just had to probe and push at the barriers. Friday had come at last and Simon was excited as ever loving hell to get Jace and drag him back to their flat and put on Star Wars, even though he had watched the damn thing countless times, and cuddle up to his blond boyfriend. To any other person, Alec's voice could be considered as casual or blank, but to Simon who knew him for quite some time, he could clearly see, from his spot on the other side of the Institute, the unconcealed worry in Alec's bright blue orbs and the laced concern the Institute Head bore for his parabatai.

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He knew how oppressive being the Head of the Institute was well Simon usually compared it to Raphael being the leader of the Vampire coven, and based on Raphael's continuous complaints and grumbles, Simon had a feeling that being the leader wasn't always the best. Internally, he hoped that Jace hadn't thrown himself into anything stupid, especially when he felt like he was useless.

It was a common feeling for Jace, especially after the whole Valentine spiel. He worried about being good enough for the other Shadowhunters for so long and so hard that it took ages for Simon and the rest of their friends to tell him otherwise. Thanks to his vampire speed, it took Simon less time to reach their apartment than if he were a mundane.

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Opening the door, Simon braced himself for Hell even a rogue Downworlder some of them weren't happy with the truce or likewise an angry Nephilim same reason. But the scene in front of Simon made his heart melt if it was still beating. Jace was all curled up on their couch with the remote held aloft in his hand, the glow of the television screen flickering in front of him. His blond hair was all mussed and untidy, and if Simon looked close enough, he could see the black shadows under his eyes.


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