Before The Shutter: Planning Your Next Travel Photography Adventure

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If you are new to photography then the first thing you should do after purchasing a camera is to read books and magazines. This book was excellent, really well written and really set me on the right track. I also subscribed to a magazine called Photographer World which was full of fantastic content, tips, interviews and inspiration. Click to Buy on Amazon edition edition. Deciding what equipment you need can be a big decision. It really depends on what you will be using the images for and what kind of photography you are into. For example if you are taking pictures that you want to sell for prints or license to agencies, then you will probably need a camera that takes very high-quality images.

But if you want images for your blog or for personal use, then a cheaper camera should be fine.

9 tips to improve your travel photos

Although memory cards and storage are related to equipment, I want to write a bit more about them. Basically make sure you buy multiple storage cards for your camera, as well as multiple hard drives. All photographers have made mistakes and many experienced photographers still do. As you learn you will likely make more mistakes, and as you get more experienced you will likely make less. Before travelling try and learn everything about your camera, read the guide and do some test shoots. Two Months for Free Skillshare has over 22, tutorials allowing you to improve your skills.

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Including classes on photography, editing, online writing and more. By signing up using our link below you can enjoy a 2-month free trial to get started.

Sign up. Prior to going somewhere, do your research on things you want to see and take photographs of. Try and find good vantage points, especially ones that are publicly accessible. Also look on social media such as on Instagram for inspiration at what the locals and other travellers are taking pictures of. Before I arrive at a destination I always make a note of when sunrise and sunset is.

These times are crucial to my photography so I often plan my day around them. If you are lugging around expensive equipment, then make sure you have good insurance in the event of it breaking or is stolen.

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If you prefer you can also have your camera on auto as default. You can read My favourite settings for Travel Photography to learn more about the settings I use for different scenarios. Note if there is strong wind you may struggle with rivers and other water features. A good way to draw a viewers attention to certain elements of a picture is to frame it.

You can do this with foliage and other elements in the scene. Framing in such a way will also make the image that much more interesting and will help the viewers understand what the destination is like. Standing in or adding people in the photos is a great way to add a sense of scale and make a photo more interesting. Many photographers love the golden hour and for good reason. There are many shady people out there that would love to scam you into sending them application fees.

Before you start the online application, read through their list of required supporting documents and have scanned copies available for upload See If you don't do this, your session may time out while you are fiddling around trying to gather them up and you will lose all the data you already entered. Speaking from experience here. Once you complete your online application it can take a few weeks to get an approval. I always have to remember to check online for the approval status because I don't seem to get email notifications of this.

After the visa is issued, print a copy to hand to the customs officer upon arrival at your destination.

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Place it in your travel organizer and save a digital copy in your shared folder. Embassy or Consulate. This will allow you to receive important information from the Embassy about safety conditions in your destination country, helping you make informed decisions about your travel plans. It will also help the U. Embassy and your loved ones back home to contact you in an emergency such as a natural disaster or civil unrest. The rules on what is allowed on an aircraft, whether as a carry-on or in checked baggage is ever-changing.

Be prepared and check before you go.

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  8. I recently heard on the news that there were issues with the batteries on 15" Macbooks overheating and catching fire. The FAA was not allowing them on aircrafts. Since I need mine on my trip for photo processing, I got a little nervous. After Googling thee issue, I found a link to check the serial number on Apple's website to see if my model was subject to recall.

    It wasn't. So I printed the results of the check out and put it in my travel organizer just in case some agent decides to give me crap about it at the airport. Different countries use different types of plugs and voltages for their power outlets. Get a couple of these if you're bringing multiple electronic devices so you can charge more than one thing at a time.

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    A multi-type international plug adapter is useful to be sure that you have the right kind. If you have a layover in a different country, you may be caught by surprise when you can't charge your devices. Here is a link to some plug adapter options on Amazon. Europe runs on volts while America uses volts. Most modern electronics are dual-voltage and work for both. Check your appliances to see if they have a range of If not, you may need to purchase a power converter.

    If you are heading off on safari, go spend some time at a local wildlife sanctuary taking images of animals in manual mode. Head to a park and track birds in flight while in AI servo mode. Learn how to use back-button focusing while photographing your dogs playing in the back yard. Capture some silhouettes of trees in your neighborhood as the sun sets. You don't need to try to capture award-winning images right now.

    Just focus on sharpening up your skills and building up muscle memory as your fingers work through the buttons and settings on your camera. Most semi-pro cameras these days have the option to set up a couple of custom settings. This allows you to quickly tun the dial to change your shutter speed, aperture and ISO to commonly used combinations for certain scenes.

    For example, I set up three different custom settings as follows:. Don't wait until you get home from a trip and sit down to sort through thousands of images to realize that you have a dirty sensor and need to clone out dust spots from every Been there. Done that Bring your camera in now for a quick cleaning. As cameras evolve with bigger and better sensors, our need for larger and faster memory cards grows. Just a few months ago, I was on safari trying to capture some 4k video and couldn't do it because the only cards I had left with free space on them were too old and slow to do the job.

    Memory is pretty cheap these days. Go pick up a few more SD cards. You may also want to pick up a compact external hard drive. I like to make a copy of all of my raw photo files onto a separate drive upon import from the memory cards. This way I have 3 copies of the images and am confident that I won't lose any I keep all 3 of these items in different places when I travel back home in case one item is lost or stolen Hard drive in checked bag, memory cards in my purse, laptop in my carryon bag.

    If you are taking any small private planes to get into remote areas, you are probably going to be restricted to a much lower baggage weight allowance than on your commercial flight. For example, the charter flight from Nairobi into the Mara Triangle Conservancy is limited to 27 kg per person, including all of your camera gear.

    30 Travel Photography Tips (Your Ultimate Guide)

    It's a good idea to gather all of the items that you will be bringing a few days early and do a test run on your packing. Chances are good that you may need to pull out some of the "just in case" items because they don't fit or they throw your bag over weight. If you travel with an experienced tour company like Wild Eye , they provide all of the little necessities that add up in weight like shower soap, lotion, sunscreen, bug spray and more. Laundry service is also available at many destinations so you can re-wear clothes. Most banks and credit card companies have a way to easily set a travel notification on their website.

    If you forget to do this, you may get stuck somewhere without a form of payment because the bank rejected your transactions for potential fraud risk. In the unlikely event that a tragedy strikes during your travels, your loved ones back home will need access to important personal documents. Be sure to give one trusted person access to your online account login info, your estate documents and phone numbers for friends and family. Even though your international flight may have access to the internet, you are going to be very limited on bandwidth.

    How to start a Career in Travel Photography

    By downloading shows to binge on or some good tunes to listen to, the long journey will go by a lot faster. If you plan to watch movies provided by the airline, be sure to pack earbuds with the older style stereo jack so you can plug them into the screen on their AV system. When I am home, I never take the time to sit down and read a book. I recently got into the habit of stopping at the airport sundry shop to pick up an actual physical book with real paper pages that you turn with your fingertips i know This is the only time I allow myself to spend time getting lost in a intense thriller story.

    I actually look forward to flights now so I have an excuse to take this time out to escape into a fictional world. It is an incredible neighborhood to wander and photograph, and knowing this history can give you a much deeper understanding of what to photograph when you are there. Going to New York to Photograph the city? Check out our recommendations for places to stay in Times Square. Here are a few more photographs to inspire you for your next trip to New York, and I hope these tips will help you the next time you explore and photograph any city around the world.

    James Maher has lived in New York for his entire life. Like many Manhattanites, he is a terrible driver and cook, but is an excellent navigator and knows where to get the best dumplings in Chinatown. Buy it here on Amazon. Christmas Abroad, our lack of Holiday Tradition.

    Dave and Deb are the owners and founders of The Planet D. Since launching in they have continued to inspire "Adventure in Everyone" and show that you don't have to be an uber athlete or super-rich in order to be an adventurer. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

    Love your photos. Street photography has always been something that interest me. You just happened to be in my photo and it made it more awesome. Having like a business card or something can help a little. It gives you something to feel like you have to offer them in exchange. I love experimenting in large urban centers and a good part of it is just being in a cool place and waiting for the right opportunities and keeping an eye to interesting things that maybe happening.

    I love doing street photography and would love to visit NYC again. Amazing clicks! Capturing New York is not as easy as it seems. Thanks for your tips. Gonna apply them for sure on my next visit to NY. Your photos are fantastic and really capture the vibrancy and diversity of New York. NY really is a photographers dream, there is always something to photograph.

    Your tips and the captures are so so so amazing. I am really stunned by it. Thanks a ton for sharing. Simply loved it! Typical New York City Photography. Central Park. Take interesting compositions. You can find good shots anywhere. Grand Central Station. Another interesting NYC shot. Use different angles in your shots.

    A woman shopping. People watching. Fashion around NYC.

    Waiting in the train station. Framing the right shot. Snow in Central Park. Make your edges interesting. A great area for photography.