40 Marian Reflections for Peace and Healing

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Hedwig decided to work on the Outdoor Shrine altar cloth beginning in October , shortly after a pilgrimage she made with her daughter to Eden Hill. She was in the process of dealing with cancer.

PDF 40 Marian Reflections for Peace and Healing

Hedwig's daughter, Brigitte Koerski of Bristol, Tenn. She was weak, and she could hardly move a few steps before tiring out. It was amazing to see her walking around the grounds of Eden Hill, especially up and down the steep hill [to the Lourdes Shrine]. No doubt, the pilgrimage helped her greatly. It came after her mother became ill and could not travel.

National Shrine: a Place of Peace, a Place of Healing Mother and daughter had made several pilgrimages to Medjugorje, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, at the site of alleged appearances by the Blessed Mother [NOTE: Although the Church has not yet determined the authenticity of these alleged apparitions, which have been reported on a daily basis since , it does not discourage private pilgrimages there].

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Hedwig's struggle with cancer, though, made travel to the former Yugoslavia impractical. Instead, mother and daughter journeyed from Tennessee to Stockbridge, following up on Brigitte's pilgrimage the year before. Faustina around that time, and through the Diary , I found the National Shrine. I also feel very close to Jesus. There is a noticeable sense of peace at the Shrine. Everybody I know who has been there experiences this wonderful sense of spiritual peace and quiet. It's never in a hurry there, unlike with parish life, with so many things to do.

The Marian Fathers are [at the Shrine] to serve God. They don't 'say,' Mass, they actually 'celebrate' Mass. There is no hurry because they have to rush off and do something else. The Spirit is there.

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