Potty Training Is Fun!

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My own kids were trained closer to the three-year mark and took to it well, partly because they were not forced into the situation. There are lots of great books about potty training out there, so it could be beneficial to read a few together to reiterate the concept before starting, too. Avoid pull-ups if you can! This might seem counterintuitive, but in reality, pull-ups are no different from diapers.

They still provide the security and option for little ones to wet themselves if needed. You can count on accidents on the first day maybe even that entire first week! Lastly, understand that nighttime training is a whole other beast that can take a much longer time to master. Overnight pull-ups and waterproof mattress pads can be your best friend in those early days of potty training. No judgment whatsoever! Have you ever found your child mesmerized by surprise eggs or watching unboxing videos on YouTube?

The anticipation is half the fun! You can fill a decorative box with a variety of small knickknacks from Target or even the dollar store.

They can even be wrapped for added intrigue. Sticker charts or stickers alone can also be very motivating. There are certain things you need to accept when jumping on the potty train. Accidents are inevitable.

Crazy Creative Potty Training Rewards

Patience is everything. And kindness is key. Sticker charts are always a great way to motivate kids — you can start out giving stickers each time your child goes potty, and as they get more consistent, switch to giving stickers for each day they stay dry. After a certain number of stickers, go out for a treat together.

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Keep in mind that every child goes at a different pace. It took us a lot longer. Take a deep breath, relax, and have as much fun with it as you can. Your email address will not be published.

Potty Training Song - Hygiene Song For Kids - Children's Learning Videos

According to Babycenter : 6 smart ways to make potty training fun by camiech Nov 9, Potty training Tools 0 comments. Potty training is cause for celebration. Your child is almost out of diapers and getting so big! So I started my 2-year-old daughter with a mini-Elmo potty seat, which we kept in the living room, since she spent the most time there. We gradually moved it closer and closer to the bathroom, and eventually worked our way up to a Dora seat that went right on top of the toilet.

To take some of the pressure off our daughter, we put the potty right next to her bed so that she could have her own space. Also, she could get to it faster, especially first thing in the morning and at night.

Potty Training Doesn’t Have to Stink!

This technique worked for our second daughter as well. My daughter was terrified of the automatic flushers in public restrooms, so I started doing this trick. Put a Post-It note over the sensor and it will prevent the toilet from auto-flushing. After she's all done, wiped, and left the stall, you can remove the paper to let the toilet flush.

We travel with a small toilet with a removable seat to help my daughter feel more comfortable on the "scary" big potties in public restrooms. Watch this video to find out the differences between potty training girls and boys.

5 Ways to Make Potty Training Fun + Sweet Incentives

My daughter just turned 3 years old. She had been waking up dry for months but had no interest in going on the potty. We did what a pediatrician recommended and told her to do the opposite of what we wanted. You don't want to use the potty like a big girl! Finally, she sat on the potty a few times without going. In discussing the potty one day she said, "My pee won't come out. So the week before her birthday, we sat her on the potty as soon as she got up and before she went in her diaper.

She went in the potty and has had no accidents since then. We went straight to panties and skipped Pull-Ups. The Pull-Ups situation was my biggest problem. My son's pediatrician said my son had accidents when wearing Pull-Ups because he felt they were no different from a diaper; the only difference with Pull-Ups was that he didn't have to lie down to get them on. This turned out to be true—when I quit using Pull- Ups and put big-boy underwear on him, he started using the potty almost instantly. When your daughter is 7 years old and still pooping in her pants, it can be really difficult.

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I think our daughter's situation was a result of her biological parents separating before she turned 3 years old. I married her dad and we had a new baby. We then moved to another state away from her mom and her dad's often deployed overseas with the army.

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Her doctors have said it's a control thing. Since she can't control her dad or mom being with her, or our family's situation, she controls what she can, like using the bathroom. Finally, I told her that I wasn't going to tolerate dirty pants or diapers anymore, and I asked what it would take to get her to use the toilet. She said she'd use the potty when she ran out of diapers. We did a countdown and she was calm until the end, when we ran out.

When she was on the toilet after using her last diaper, she demanded I get her more. I told her, "That's it. No more. It's big-girl pants or nothing. We set a timer, starting at every 30 minutes and increasing as we have success. When the timer goes off, my daughter says, "Potty time.

Each time, she gets excited to show me which potty she chooses. This has worked well. I get what I want her sitting on the potty and she has control over her choice of potty. We've also been using big-girl panties. So far we've had very few accidents. Make her excited to use the big-girl toilet by purchasing "special" underwear, establishing incentives or rewards for successful bathroom trips, and asking teachers or day-care providers for their support.

By encouraging her independence, you reassure her that she is ready to leave diapers behind.


How to Start Potty Training

Keep the potty-training toilet out and add night-lights in the bedroom and bathroom to make middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom easier for her. Maureen O'Brien, Ph. Deciding whether to sit or stand can cause him to hesitate a few seconds—and those seconds can be crucial. It needs to go in the toilet. You know how your child will eat his broccoli if his so-cool older brother eats his or he sees someone do something that he wants to do? My daughter pooped in the potty from that day on and never looked back. It sounds strange, but with him facing the rear of the toilet, he felt secure not like he'd fall in!